Claudio Dodt

Cláudio Dodt is an Information Security Evangelist, consultant, trainer, speaker and blogger. He has more than ten years worth of experience working with Information Security, IT Service Management, IT Corporate Governance and Risk Management.
Claudio Dodt

9 tips for CISM exam success [updated 2022]

It is easy to understand why companies are in dire need of information security managers: Almost every day, new threats or vulnerabilities are discovered, an

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These are some of the most popular and best tips for successfully taking the CRISC exam.

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With preparation, you can pass the CISSP exam and upgrade your career status. Set yourself up for CISSP exam success with these tips.

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Top 8 world crises exploited by cybercriminals and lessons learned

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“Security  is always seen as too much until the day it’s not enough.” This quote by William H. Webster, an American attorney, jurist and current Chairman

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It is quite hard to think of a company that does not use any sort of information system as a basis for doing business. In fact, the actual standard for most