Chris Sienko

Chris Sienko

Career skills, imposter syndrome and intelligence-led pentesting | From the Cyber Work desk

Cyber Work Podcast host Chris Sienko shares insights from December 2022 episodes, including Intelligence-led pentesting, the US Cyber Games and data/security/cloud skills

Nworm malware: What it is, how it works and how to prevent it | Malware spotlight

Introduction In April 2020, the creators of the TrickBot malware released a module for TrickBot called Nworm. TrickBot is a banking Trojan that targets Wind

Top 11 security awareness posters with messages that STICK

Download these free security awareness posters to remind your employees of the best security strategies for every situation.

MITRE ATT&CK: Supply chain compromise

Introduction Attackers are well known to install malicious software, or malware, onto compromised systems during a cyberattack. But what many may not know is

MITRE ATT&CK: Network sniffing

Introduction Network sniffing may conjure images of a network-based bloodhound to some, but in the world of information security, it means the ability to cap

Ransomware Case Studies: Hollywood Presbyterian & The Ottawa Hospital

Ransomware, the holding hostage of computers or data in exchange for money, continues to be a major threat to hospitals and other medical facilities. In orde

The Breach of Anthem Health - the Largest Healthcare Breach in History

It was February 4, 2015, and an announcement that would shake the medical and insurance industries to their core was about to be made. Anthem, Inc., experien

Website Forgery

We visit websites in search of a desired result: information, a transaction, interaction, or some free or paid service. The natural tendency is to assume tha