aurelius is the creator of n00bs CTF Labs, bug bounty hunter, security researcher at Infosec Institute and an application security analyst. He loves playing games and watching movies aside from hacking.

Tools and resources to prepare for a hacker CTF competition or challenge

CTF or Capture the Flag is a traditional competition or war game in any hacker conferences like DEFCON, ROOTCON, HITB and some hackathons. CTF games are usua

Pwning Common Backdoors and Botnets

The Metasploit Framework has a lot of exploit modules including buffer overflow attacks, browser exploits, web application vulnerabilities, backdoor exploits

Categorizing the Types of GNU/Linux users

I have been a GNU/Linux user for almost seven years now, and I have been using GNU/Linux since college. In fact, during my college years, I was the only Linu

What a Challenger Perceives in most CTF Categories/Challenges

Did you have fun playing our very own Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges? I know it's been a long time though since we launched the n00bs CTF Labs and Practic

Creating your Own Simple Exploit Module for a Remote Code Execution in Web Apps

To all readers, a zip file containing the code used in the article can also be downloaded here: [download][pkadzone zone="main_top"] MSF is one of the most p

Checklist for Hiring a Good Web Penetration Tester or Web App Security Consultant

The task of a web security tester or penetration tester is of course to audit the security of the web applications, web services, and web servers in a compan

25 ways to become the ultimate script kiddie

You do not need to learn C, C++, C#, Python, Perl, PHP, Assembly and other computer programming languages since Kali, Parrot OS, and Backbox Linux have s

Fifteen Famous Bug Bounty Hunters

Fifteen Famous Bug Bounty Hunters For today’s article, let us acknowledge fifteen famous and 1337 bug bounty hunters who have been the talk of the web. This

Cyber savvy? Take a Quick Security Awareness Quiz to Find Out

So you think you are cyber-savvy knowledgeable in the cyber security risks you face every day in the digital world? Take this quick security quiz and find ou

Are You InfoSec Geek Enough? Take This Quiz and Let’s See What You Got!

I have prepared a simple quiz for you guys out there who are brave enough to test if you really are a certified InfoSec geek. Take note of the questions sinc

35 Awesome InfoSec Influencers You Need to Follow

I would like to share some security researchers and information security professionals you might have missed following. I think they deserve credit and some

15 Must Have Books for InfoSec Enthusiasts and IT Security Professionals

Aside from security articles, podcasts and videos, books are great resources for developing new skills, improving one's career growth, and gaining extensive