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The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is for security professionals with an interest in information systems (IS) auditing, control and security. It is a globally recognized certification for IS audit control, assurance and security professionals. It validates your experience in auditing and demonstrates you are capable of accessing vulnerabilities, reporting on compliance and implementing controls within an enterprise.

The CISA is one of the four certifications granted by ISACA. This association was established in 1969 and has franchises in 180 countries. The CISA certification was launched in 1976, and it is an attractive choice for the IT professional. Once you are CISA certified, it confirms your knowledge and experience in IS, it quantifies your expertise and it also shows you have gained all of the knowledge required for meeting the challenges in the compliance/audit world.

This article details the best study resources that are currently available for the CISA exam.

Books for the CISA exam

CISA Review Manual by ISACA

The CISA Review Manual (26th Edition) serves as a comprehensive study guide for the CISA exam. It includes details on the core topics that are related to the CISA. For example, it has detailed content on all the domains of the CISA. This review manual is produced independently from the CISA Certification Board. It is available in English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and French.

CISA All-in-One Exam Guide

McGraw-Hill publishes this book. Its content is very comprehensive and thorough. This resource is best suited for those candidates who already have some knowledge about the content of the exam but need to associate it with ISACA-specific terminologies.

CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual

This manual contains 1,000 multiple-choice study questions. These questions are sorted by job practice areas, allowing the candidate to refer to questions that focus on a particular domain. The sample questions allow for simulation of the actual exam, and thus, helps the candidate determine both their strengths and weaknesses.

In-Class Training Options

CISA Training Boot Camp by InfoSec Institute

This is a five-day boot camp that focuses exclusively on the essential areas covered in the CISA exam. Students are also prepared for the exam by testing their knowledge and applying it to real-world scenarios. Correct answers to the questions are reviewed as well. In this class, students get a good understanding of the exam format and the type of questions that are actually asked in the CISA exam. Correct answers to the questions are reviewed as well.

CISA Training Boot Camp by ISACA

This is the official CISA training boot camp offered by ISACA. It is a four-day review of the IS audit, control, compliance and IS assurance knowledge domains.

Practice exam resources

SkillSet CISA Practice Exam

Created by InfoSec Institute, the CISA practice exam on SkillSet contains over 1,873 questions. This is a great way to audit your own understanding of the CISA domains before sitting for your exam.

ISACA Self-Assessment Exam

Once you have gained the required knowledge on all of the CISA domains, it is time to take a self-assessment test. This practice exam consists of 50 questions. These items cover a representative proportion of the subject matter to match the CISA exam format. However, the results of this self-assessment exam do not guarantee you success in the original exam. It points out areas in which you may need further study and review in.

CISA Sample Test by SecurityWing

This is a free test that consists of 20 questions and can be taken as many times as needed. You are given 5 minutes to answer all the questions. It is recommended to take this particular test when you feel like you are fully prepared.

CISA Exam Practice Questions by IT & IT Security

This is another free practice question resource for the CISA exam. The site provides 900 questions to help you prepare for the exam. After finishing the first 20 questions, you can request another set. After you have completed the exam and received your score, you can also review the correct answers to all of the questions.

Final thoughts

Obtaining the CISA certainly secures your IT future since it is a globally recognized certification. Thus, it is imperative to use all of the right study resources (as detailed in this article) to pass the exam.

For more on the CISA certification, view our CISA certification hub.

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