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Security+: maintaining employee skill level [updated 2021]

March 3, 2021 by Irfan Shakeel


Training presents a key prospect to develop the knowledge base of all employees, but many employers find the development opportunities costly. Employees also miss job while attending training sessions, which may hold up the completion of projects.

Many companies are starting to find that helping their employees get university degrees, obtain professional certifications, or close crucial gaps in their skillsets can be helpful to both the employee and the employer. The plan is simple: since it can be complicated to find the perfect applicant for a particular position, sometimes it is essentially easier to take a current employee and turn them into the right person for the job.

According to a 2015 survey by research group EY, one of the reasons employees cite most often for leaving a job is they did not get enough training or have opportunities to grow. As a result, they go elsewhere to find them.

Investing in an employee is highly beneficial for the organization itself, as the performance of the employees will enhance and they can carry out their task more proficiently. Every employee desires to learn skills and advance their career.

However, to maintain the skill level and to meet the latest security standards, companies should encourage their employees by offering them internationally recognized certs. In the field of security, an organization should consider offering Security+, Security Awareness, Network+ and other basic courses that will ultimately help the employee in career advancement.

CompTIA Security+ certification deals with computer security areas such as cryptography and access control, as well as business-related topics such as disaster recovery and risk management. The current version, SY0-601, was released in November of 2020.

According to CompTIA, there are more than forty-five thousand people around the world currently who have earned this certification. It is optional, though not a requirement that the candidate should possess two years of security-related work experience. CompTIA Security+ passing score is 750 out of 900. Moreover, the certificate is valid for three years.

So, it is a total benefit for both employee and organization that they have qualified and expert employee that is also motivated and encouraged to continue working for the organization. However, the main concern of many organizations is, are we going to invest again to renew the certification? The answer is yes! As the employee is being served for your organization, investing in him will not be a loss. The organization should invest in their employees wisely as their expertizes are ultimately affecting the company’s performance.

Paying for an employee’s cert process brings about a number of benefits to the company, which includes the following:

  • This shows the employee that the company is interested in being the best that they can be. This will lead to happier employees, which in turn will lead to greater productivity.
  • It will prove to the customers of the company that their employees are on the cutting edge of the industry that they are in and will instill much more confidence in the value that they bring to the final product. This in turn will lead to greater repeat business by the customer.
  • Paying for an employee’s cert education is tax deductible.
  • The management team of the company can have a greater peace of mind knowing that their employees have been taught how to use the latest tools and technologies in their line of business. Thus, they will be much dedicated in completing a final product or project which far exceeds the minimum requirements.

In order to renew the security+ certificate, a continuing education process should be followed. The CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) Program enables you to maintain your certification current by carrying out activities that will earn you Completing Education Units CEUs toward your certification renewal.


The CompTIA Security+ continuing education program requires candidates to take the following courses:


CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) meets the growing demand for advanced IT security in the enterprise. CASP endorses critical thinking and judgment across an extensive spectrum of security disciplines and requires candidates to implement clear solutions in complex environments.


Security+ is a certification dealing with computer security topics such as cryptography and access control, as well as business-related topics such as disaster recovery and risk management. The current version, SY0-601, was released in November, 2020.

The CompTIA Security+ certification costs $349USD for the first time. However, certification renewal requirements include an annual CE fee that is $50, and costs $150 for the 3 year period renewal.

Note: completing the CompTIA CertMaster CE Security+ course (launched October 1, 2020) during a three-year cycle automatically completes the learner’s CEU requirement; the professional can then renew this certification quickly without having to take a new exam.

Certifications like Security+ and other security related certification aid organizations in preparing a workforce that can prevent cyber threats and work more ethically in a manner to minimize the probability of being compromised. Moreover, there are some standards that organizations follow in order to gain a certain level of achievement in the market by leveraging a security posture and by having certified professionals in their workforce. Here security+ certification helps them to influence security posture by offering employees to gain certification and grow professionally.

Topics like network security, compliance and operational security and access control management covered in Security+ help the user to see things with a different perspective to serve in a secure manner and to also abide by an organization’s policies.

Searching for a training course so you can pass the exam for the security plus certification? Check out course offerings by filling out the form below.

A security+ certified professional in an organization will follow company’s security policies and also monitor other employees to encounter any threat or suspicious usage of the network. This way, organizations are achieving first line of security by investing in employee’s professional growth.

In today’s fast-moving and evolving world of professional hacking, building a cyber defense team is essential for many organizations. The best way to overcome the security threat is by investing more on your employee and by helping them to gain expertise in their field.

Posted: March 3, 2021
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