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July 10, 2017 by Infosec

The world of IT has been changing rapidly over the years, but a proper foundational knowledge of operating systems and servers is essential. This is where Linux distribution comes into the play. If you’re looking at a future in Information Technology, the CompTIA Linux+ certification can open up several doors. The Linux Foundation and Dice recently conducted a study which found the demand for Linux talent, as well as salaries, to be on the rise across all disciplines (Sysadmins, Developers and Devops). Perhaps the most interesting statistic from the study is “93% of employers plan to hire a Linux pro in the six months”. With the continued growth of the cloud and big data in the enterprise, this trend is expected to continue for quite some time. The best way to get your foot in the door is to earn CompTIA’s Linux+ certification, which covers the basic fundamentals of Linux and is primarily targeted towards entry level professionals.

Why Linux+ is so popular

Linux+ is a basic certification course offered by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), which is one of the top providers of professional Linux certifications for the information technology (IT) industry. The Linux+ certification course has been created to impart knowledge of Linux operating systems, the installation process, and how related open source licenses and free software can be used. The salient aspect that makes it largely popular is the fact that this course will impart you with the skills to understand and install different Linux distribution packages including Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, Debian Linux, Slackware Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and Turbo Linux. Another key area that has made the CompTIA Linux+ immensely popular is the exam pattern, which has been divided according to specific areas of expertise like installation, configuration, management, security, hardware, and documentation. This method of focusing on key areas has increased the flexibility and ease of learning the course for candidates.

Average Pay after Linux+ Certification

The average salary for those who have earned the Linux+ certification is $99,000 as seen in the National Salary Trend graph from Indeed.com below. The salary trend is looking quite bright in the recent times with a rise in January 2014, peaking in April 2014.

Job titles for Linux+ certified professionals

Since the CompTIA Linux+ is an introduction to Linux, hence you will be starting off at the bottom of the ladder. You will kickstart your career as a Systems Administrator or Linux Administrator. As you gather experience, you can always looks towards better designation and higher salary. The mid and senior level designations include Senior Linux Administrator.

What sets Linux+ certification apart from other Linux certifications?

The CompTIA Linux+ certification program is a top of the league extensive entry level program in the IT industry today. This certification program imparts knowledge and skills in Linux OS in the following areas:

  • Understanding various versions of Linux operating system
  • Common uses of Linux like office workstations, super computers, application servers, internet servers etc
  • Linux installation and usage including shells, terminals, kernel, shell meta-characters, etc
  • Exploring the Linux file systems and understanding the file system hierarchy standard
  • Administration of Linux file system like working with hard disk partitions
  • Advanced hardware installation or configuration including insight into mainboard flow control, APM and ACPI, and troubleshooting installation among others
  • Learning to work with the BASH shell
  • Compression, system back-up and software installation

The primary aim of this vendor-neutral CompTIA Linux+ certification program is to enable candidates with a wide range of skills that are needed by organizations to better their performance in complex IT environments. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our training representatives for information on our Linux+ training options (self paced, live online & instructor lead), a course syllabus and pricing details.


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Posted: July 10, 2017
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