Average IT Security Analyst Salary in 2018

January 13, 2018 by Infosec

In 2013, Target lost millions of credit card numbers to hackers. Phishing scams are prevalent, and companies need the right person to protect their customers’ data. That’s where an information security analyst comes in. An analyst identifies security issues on the network or within a certain platform and helps the company find solutions to fix the problems before they lead to massive data loss. These security analysts make great salaries, and you can make a living by helping companies improve on protection from hackers.

Prerequisites: What You Need in the Information Security Analyst Industry

Because this job requires you to understand security and technology, you need some kind of experience with hacking and security. You can have several areas where you excel in this type of field. The best area is to know how to protect users on the Internet. Most phishing and hack attempts come from the Internet, so you need to know how to protect users from hostile Internet environments.

You can help improve your chances against other applicants by receiving the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). This certification tests your knowledge in many of the extended penetration testing areas used to protect networks and identify issues related to poor security.

What Does an Information Security Analyst Do?

Your first job is to identify any issues with network security. Most information security analysts have a toolbox of penetration testing software. This software is scripted, so you don’t need to perform penetration testing one by one. These tools are usually offered when you take the CEH test, and they help you identify issues more quickly without writing your own scripts.

Once you identify issues, you work with the company to help them understand the issue, explain the risks and how it affects customers, and then you work with IT teams to implement a strategy to fix the problem.

Information Security Analyst Salary Descriptions

IT careers are in demand, but you’ll have a lot less competition in the security industry. Security analysts make great salaries. Just to get started, you can expect to make about $80,000 each year. This is just a starting salary for a security analyst. As a lead security analyst, you will improve your salary and make about $100,000 each year. You can also opt to work in-house with the business instead of consulting and make about $115,000 each year in the business side of analysis and security.

Senior analysts are people who have been penetration testing for several years. You make about $100,000 each year as a senior analyst. The median salary is about $90,000, which is a great salary in many parts of the country.

As more hackers gain illegal access to business systems, an information security analyst is more in demand, and salaries will only increase as they become more difficult. When your skills improve, you can take on big businesses with large networks and protect them from being hacked. If you love technology and security, this industry is always changing and you’ll learn something new each year.

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Posted: January 13, 2018
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