CySA+: Increasing the organization’s credibility

August 15, 2019 by Greg Belding


Hiring information security professionals with the right credentials is a priority for most all organizations these days. With all that can go wrong, from cyberattacks to insider threats, organizations have a strong interest in stamping out these potential threats to their business. 

Hiring information security professionals that hold a CySA+ certification is a move that will shift the power to the hands of the organization regarding these challenges and will go one step further — it will increase the organization’s credibility. 

This article will detail how the CySA+ certification will increase an organization’s credibility, from serving as a verification of elevated cybersecurity skills to demonstrating that the organization is going the extra mile to prove it’s worth to anyone watching. 

Please note that this author is in no way affiliated with CompTIA. We are offering this article as neutral analysis of CySA+’s ability to raise organization credibility. 

What is CySA+?

To help understand how CompTIA’s Cyber Security Analyst certification (CySA+) can increase an organization’s credibility, you need understand CySA+. This certification verifies that the holder can proficiently apply behavior analytics to detect, prevent and combat cybersecurity threats to organization networks and devices. CySA+ also certifies that holders can proficiently configure and use threat detection tools and use penetration testing to better understand the organization’s environment.

Increasing an organization’s credibility

Everyone wants to be, or at least appear to be, as credible as possible — from the “little guy” to major organizations. With credibility comes trust and loyalty, which are appealing universally. 

The CySA+ certification will help increase an organization’s credibility in different ways. Below are the reasons why simply having a CySA+ certification holder around can make this happen.


CompTIA is widely regarded as hosting top-flight certifications that support global security standards in the business world environment. Many respected organizations look for information security professionals that carry these certifications to prove they only hire the most qualified personnel. 

This certification is considered an intermediate IT workforce certification, and in 2017, it joined the ranks of highly respected certifications including A+, Security+ and Network+. These certifications are some of the most requested certifications by organizations hiring information security professionals, and CySA+ is making strides in becoming one of the more requested cybersecurity certifications despite its relative newness on the certification scene.

The certification itself

As mentioned earlier, information security issues are a priority for many organizations, and this is increasingly becoming the “new normal.” A recent survey indicated two out of every five organizations are hit with a serious data breach annually. This often is followed by news media reporting on the breach in some cases, and this would damage even the most respected organization’s brand — no organization wants this. 

“What is a good way to ensure this does not happen to your organization?” you may be asking. While cyberattacks and data breaches can never be 100% prevented, simply having an information security professional equipped with a CySA+ certification will go miles in helping to ensure these issues will not plague the organization.

The most convincing way to demonstrate this is to look at the certification itself. CySA+ certifies that the certification holder has a proficient level of knowledge and skill to prevent, detect and combat cyberattacks and other related nasties that can cause serious harm to an organization. 

The hiring organization needs to make use of this skilled certification holder and task them with tightening the organization’s cybersecurity policies/procedures, strengthen cybersecurity awareness training and responding to new cyberattacks and breaches as they arise. 

When organizations staff a CySA+ holder, it may help boost the organization’s information security credibility if this heightened level of cybersecurity expertise is projected in some way to the outside world/others in the industry. One example of how this can be carried out is to include CySA+, perhaps with a brief description of what it verifies, on the employee’s online profile/bio (if applicable). 

A credential with its own credentials

Everyone knows that certifications serve as credentials for both the certification holder and the employing organization. Did you know that the CySA+ credential has credentials of its own? For starters, CySA+ is accredited by ISO Standard 17024 — an international standard accepted globally. Second, CySA+ has been approved to fulfill DoDD 8570.01-M, which is required to qualify as any of the myriad of information security positions with the United States Department of Defense. CySA+ is also compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Building credibility with employees

Hiring more than one CySA+ certification holder at an organization will help in building organization credibility in the minds of its employees. This comes mainly from the fact that generous staffing of CySA+ certification holders will ensure that a more comprehensive application of the CySA+ knowledge bank will aid the organization in many ways — from having a more thorough and tight cybersecurity training program to there being no interruption in providing assistance to organization employees if one of the CySA+ certification holder is out sick for the day. 

Having all of your bases covered is recognized and appreciated by observant employees.


Credibility is important to nearly everyone, including organizations in the business world. It affects the trust, loyalty and respect that is crucial in being a success. 

With the prevalence of cyberattacks in today’s business world, organizations would do well in staffing an information security professional with a CySA+ certification. This boosts the credibility of the organization by having a more effective information security force, verifying a heightened cybersecurity skill set of its employees and boosting the credibility of the organization within the minds of its employees. I bet if more organizations knew how this certification could boost their credibility, we would probably see the CySA+ certification quickly becoming one of the most touted in the information security field. 



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Posted: August 15, 2019
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