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February 8, 2018 by Fakhar Imam


Passing and securing good marks in the CRISC exam requires the candidates to study the right material from the right resources. This article includes the necessary study resources for CRISC exam, including the best books, study guides, online resources, and practice exams.

What is the Best Official Book to Help Prep for the CRISC?

Candidates can pass the CRISC exam through a well-timed plan of study. Ample study material is available on ISACA’s Official Bookstore for the CRISC. ISACA offers books in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese for its CRISC certification. The following books will be helpful in passing the CRISC exam.

CRISC Review Manual, 6th Edition: This manual helps aspirants to prepare for the CRISC exam and comprehend IT-related business risk management tasks. It also encompasses commonly used definitions and terms, self-assessment questions and answers, and resources for additional study. The underlying Table includes the detailed description of this book:

Format: eBook
Total Pages: 204
Date of Publication: 2015
Product Code: EPUB_CRR6EB

NOTE: This book is also available in hard copy (print) form.

What are the Best Online Resources to Prep for the CRISC?

The underlying online resources are the best methods to prep for CRISC exam.

InfoSec Institute’s Self-Paced Training Courses

InfoSec Institute (the world’s leading Institute in Information Security Training) offers variety of award-winning and flexible CRISC exam preparation options, including go-at-your-own-pace Flex Basic courses. These self-paced CRISC exam preparation courses are great for those who cannot take the time to attend an intensive training boot camp. Moreover, you will receive the same award-winning course material as provided in classroom boot camps, including course videos and lectures, lab material, and an access to an expert mentor who answers any of your questions.

Learn more: CRISC Training Boot Camp

CRISC Online Review Course

ISACA offers this course to provide online training to CRISC candidates and risk practitioners. The course includes interactive activities and proven instructional design techniques. The online course covers all four domains of the CRISC exam. It incorporates case study activities, downloadable job aids, interactive workbooks, downloadable material, interactive e-Learning modules, videos, and pre- and post-course assessments. Other vital information is given below:

Number of self-assessment questions: 50
Number of Sample Questions: 70
Subscription: 1-year access to the course
Duration: Approximately 12 hours

What are Online Forums and Discussion Boards for CRISC Exam?

Several forums and discussion boards are available online where CRISCs could learn new things through a questionnaire, videos, expert opinion, and past experiences of the experts. Below are some prestigious platforms that are very helpful to candidates for self-study.

ISACA created CRISC Exam Study Community as an additional resource to aid candidates successfully prepare for their CRISC exam. This community allows CRISC candidates to share experiences, ideas, questions, and study resources with like-minded people. The students can post questions and like-minded professionals can answer them. Candidates will be able to understand successful study methods, study materials and resources, and what to expect on the exam day.

The following links (provided by TechExams) contains discussion forums that discuss CRISC Certification Timeline and Free CRISC Videos.

What are the Best Study Guides and Sources for the CRISC?

CRISC candidates must understand the exam format, such as the number of questions, their types, and their complexity. Exam tips and practice questions are also essential for the candidates. Below are some guides that help aspirants to better prep for the CRISC exam.

CRISC Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control All-in-One Exam Guide (unofficial): This is the best comprehensive guide for the CRISC certification exam. It covers all four domains and encompasses hundreds of practice exam questions. At the end of each chapter, this reference guide incorporates exam tips, chapter summaries, and practice questions. Through its CD-ROM feature, the candidates can attain two full-length and customizable practice exams in the Total Tester examination engine and a PDF eBook.

Practice questions: More than 500
Date of Publication: December 3, 2015
Language: English

You can buy this book from Amazon.

ISACA® CRISC™ Study Guide Mind Map: This mind map is carefully hand-crafted for learning and as a study guide for CRISC candidates. The map incorporates the hierarchal structure of each topic under each CRISC domains. Here is the link where you can find the mind map.

What are the Best Practice Exams for the CRISC?

ISACA’s Official Bookstore includes some best practice exams for the CRISC. Below is their complete description.

CRISC Review Questions, Answers, and Explanations Manual 5th Edition: This study aid is published by ISACA. It involves question types and topics featured in the CRISC exam so that the candidates can know the exact format of the CRISC exam including the structure and type of content and questions that have been previously appeared on the exam. This practice exam features numerous questions that have been completely rewritten or revised so that they could indicate the current CRISC exam questions format. Further information is given below.

Format: Print
Date of Publication: 2017
Language: English
Product Code: CRQ5ED

CRISC Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database: This is offered through a 12 Month Subscription by ISACA’s CRISC Exam Resources. Candidates can log in at home or at work through ISACA’s website and start their practice exam, including questions from CRISC Review Questions, Answers, and Explanations Manual 4th Edition.

Once the candidate successfully purchases the subscription, he/she will log in to his/her ISACA account and goes to the “MyISACA” tab. After that, the candidate will click on the “Review QAE Databases” option and will be able to launch the database subscription that he/she purchased. Further details are given below.

Format: Practice Question Database
Date of Publication: 2016
Edition: Subscription
Language: English
Product Code: XMXCR14-12M

The CRISC Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database is also available in a six-month extension. However, the product code and is different:

Product Code: XMXCR14-EXT180

How Do I Purchase CRISC Official Books, Study Guides, and Practice Exams?

You can buy CRISC Official Books, Study Guides, and Practice Exams from ISACA’s Official Bookstore. You can also contact them at:

Fax: +1.847.253.1443
Tel: +1.847.660.5650

InfoSec CRISC Boot Camp – Your Best Bet

InfoSec Institute offers a uniquely designed CRISC Boot Camp for the candidates aspiring for CRISC examination. The goal of this course is to prepare students for certification on IT governance principles and practices. You can enroll this course to acquire a professional CRISC certification.

Moreover, the InfoSec has been one of the most awarded (40+ industry awards) and trusted information security training vendors for 20 years.

InfoSec also offers thousands of articles on a variety of security topics.

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