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Candidates aspiring to pass the certified in the governance of enterprise IT (CGEIT) exam need to study the right material from authentic resources to secure an elite score on the first attempt. The following sections describe the best CGEIT resources, including the best books, study guides, online resources, practice exams, and online forums and discussion boards. The candidates must be mindful of these specific CGEIT resources to best prepare for the CGEIT exam.

What Is the Best Book to Help Prep for the CGEIT?

ISACA’s official bookstore provides a variety of study material for CGEIT candidates. This material includes several books (both print and electronic) that are available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Below is the detailed description of the book, along with two publications that will help candidates prep for the CGEIT exam.

CGEIT Review Manual, 7th Edition: This manual is designed to assist CGEIT candidates in preparing for the CGEIT exam. It ensures that the aspirants have assurance responsibilities or significant advisory with regard to the governance of enterprise IT. The book features an easy-to-use format and covers all the CGEIT job practice areas thoroughly. The candidate can use this book alone for CGEIT review courses or as a stand-alone exam prep publication. The CGEIT Review Manual incorporates self-assessment questions and answers, terms and definitions, and resources for further study.

  • Format: eBook/Book
  • Number of Pages: 266
  • Language: English
  • Product Code: EPUB_CGM7ED

You can buy the CGEIT Review Manual 7th Edition, either in print or electronic version, from ISACA’s official bookstore.

The following publications are used as primary references for CGEIT exam prep. These publications address CGEIT Job Practice Areas (Domains) and enterprise’s IT governance realm.

IT Governance for CEOs and Members of the Board: This book was written by Bryn TT Phillips and is recognized by ISACA as providing a comprehensive overview of IT governance and responsibilities of the board.

COBIT 5: COBIT 5 is an evolutionary version that includes the latest practices with regard to enterprise IT governance and management. It provides globally accepted models, principles, and analytical tools to assist you in developing information systems.

What Are the Best Study Guides for the CGEIT?

Candidates sometimes need additional assistance for his/her CGEIT certification exam. The following study guides will help students in this regard.

CGEIT Study Guide Mind Map: Mirosław Dąbrowski (2018), COO, Agile&IT coach, trainer, and consultant, designed the CGEIT Study Guide Mind Map, which illustrates CGEIT job practice areas/domains in great detail. It also incorporates a guide to ISACA’s CGEIT study material. Here is the link to get the CGEIT Study Guide Mind Map:

ISACA CGEIT QAE Item Development Guide: This guide aims to assist item writers with CGEIT review questions, answers, and explanations (QAE). Using this guide, writers will know how to develop QAE items with an acceptable structure. You can download this guide from the following link:

Glossary Items: Here is a link to CGEIT glossary items that help candidates understand the key concepts for the exam.…an…/CGEIT-QAE-Item-Development-Guide_bro_Eng_0115.pdf

What Are the Best Online Resources to Prep for the CGEIT?

The following sections delve into online resources that will best match your learning abilities and lead you onto the path of success.

ISACA’s Official CGEIT Review Course

ISACA chapters offer review courses in numerous countries. In the United States, an ISACA CGEIT review course is offered for the summer 2018 exam. The lecture is provided via a live global webinar. The class is in English and you will also be able to earn 19 CPE credits for attending this live webinar.

Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Exam Preparation

A governance of enterprise IT (CGEIT) exam preparation course is available for both classroom and online training. This four-day online course defines, establishes, and manages a framework for the governance of enterprise IT. The course thoroughly covers all five domains of the CGEIT exam. You will also be able to earn 23 CPEs for completing this online course. The CPE credits are offered by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

What Are Some Online Forums and Discussion Boards for the CGEIT Exam?

There is a wide variety of online forums and discussion boards for the CGEIT exam, with varying degrees of quality and comprehension. Using the best of these forums and discussion boards will help GEIT candidates to learn via questionnaires, videos, expert opinions, and past experiences of successful CGEIT professionals.

ISACA offers the CGEIT Exam Study Community as an additional resource to provide assistance to the candidates for successfully preparing the CGEIT exam. This community allows CGEIT aspirants to share ideas, experiences, questions, and study resources with like-minded people. CGEIT students can post questions and professionals will answer with their best practices and suggestions. In addition, the candidates will be able to decide on the most successful and convenient study techniques, study materials and resources, and what to expect during the exam in the testing center.

The following links will take you to several forums that can help you prep for CGEIT exam.

What Are the Best Practice Exams for the CGEIT?

ISACA offers a practical exam manual for the CGEIT candidates. However, several other non-official practice exams are also available to help students prep for the exam.

CGEIT Review Questions, Answers and Explanations, 4th Edition: This practice exam is the most up-to-date study aid to help CGEIT candidates prepare and understand the topics and questions offered in the exam. Detailed descriptions of the correct answers are given for each question, so students can understand the theory behind the question, not just the answer. It also presents many practice questions that, while not actual exam questions, are intended to provide the structure of content and questions that have appeared previously on the exam. With the help of this practice exam, candidates can determine their areas of weaknesses and strengths and be cognizant of areas where further study is required.

  • Format: Book
  • Number of Practice Questions: 250
  • Number of Pages: 150
  • Product Code: CGQ4ED
  • Published In: 2015

CGEIT Certification Questions & Practice Exam: The CGEIT Certification Questions & Practice Exam was developed by EDUSUM to help candidates prepare for the CGEIT exam. CGEIT students can also learn their strong suits, as well as weak areas that require further training. This practice exam offers the following features:

  • More than 275 questions via the ISACA CGEIT Question Bank
  • Time-bound practice exams
  • Unlimited attempts for two months
  • Online exam for self-assessment

ISACA CGEIT Practice Test 2017: This practice test is designed by CleverEdu, LLC. It provides hundreds of practice questions and also filters for the weakest and hardest questions. This product features:

  • Lifetime access to an exam simulator
  • Lifetime access to all practice tests
  • Lifetime updates and support when new learning material available

You can buy this test from Amazon.

InfoSec CGEIT Boot Camp—Your Best Bet

InfoSec Institute’s CGEIT Boot Camp Training is specifically designed to prepare students for ISACA’s certification on IT governance principles and practices. You can enroll in this course to acquire a professional CGEIT certification.

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