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February 28, 2018 by Fakhar Imam


Becoming a CASP-certified professional is a challenging task. However, if you follow some guidelines, consult the appropriate study resources, and more importantly, choose the right boot camp or online training course, earning a CASP credential will no longer be difficult for you. This article provides you the right information to achieve your cherished goal of earning CASP credential.

What are the Requirements You Need to Take the CASP?

Recommended experience is mandatory for earning the CASP credential. CASPs must acquire ten (10) years of experience in IT administration, including at least five (5) years of hands-on technical security experience. It explicitly indicates that you will be tested on what you have learned from your on-the-job experience, not what you have learned through self-study books and online resources.

Your experience in IT administration demonstrates that you are well versed in designing and maintaining corporate IT systems, including networks, servers, LANs, WANs, and many other security systems. All these job roles are indispensable because the failure of IT systems, even for a single day, can be catastrophic for business continuity. Therefore, CASP candidates are required to have experience in IT administration.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the CASP Exam?

Six months should be enough time for the candidates who burn the midnight oil for their CASP exam preparation. However, the timeframe may vary on account of students’ capabilities, study material, and their selection of the right institution or boot camp for preparation. Today, numerous institutions offer in-person boot camps and online training resources for CASP exam preparation. Most of them offer 5 days classes to cover the course outline thoroughly. InfoSec Institute, a prestigious information security institutions in the United States, offers a 5-day course that can help candidates validate the skills needed to conceptualize, design, and provide secure solutions across complex enterprises IT environments.

What are the Steps to Becoming CASP Certified?

Once you acquire CASP’s recommended experience, you will be able to schedule your exam on CompTIA’s website by following these procedures:

  1. Buy an exam voucher: CompTIA offers its CASP certification in numerous countries. Once you click on the BUY EXAM button, it will redirect you to the page where you can buy the exam voucher for your CASP exam. You can select your country either from the drop-down menu or from the interactive map provided which also guides aspiring candidates to buy vouchers based on their locations. After that, you will choose “Certification Vouchers” located in the left navigation pane. If you are a CompTIA member, you will be provided a special discount on an exam voucher. Once your transaction is completed, the voucher will be available to you within one business day. Though CompTIA prefers students to use credit card method for payment, you can also pay through wire transfer/bank transfer or purchase order. You can also buy a voucher from PearsonVUE website (CompTIA’s global testing partner). Once you buy a voucher for a specific country or region, you cannot use that voucher for different regions because it is only valid in the region you purchased for. More importantly, CompTIA vouchers are only valid for 12-month expiration period even if price changes occur. Afterwards, you will not be able to use that voucher for testing purposes. Instead, buying a new voucher will only be a solution.PearsonVUE offers two ways to buy CompTIA vouchers:
  • The CompTIA MarketplaceE-commerce interfaces: this is the traditional way of buying a voucher from CompTIA store.
  • Pearson VUE Voucher store: Before making the transaction at the Pearson VUE Voucher store, the candidates must make sure that they have the correct required information. For example, your voucher currency must be matched with the currency of the region where the exam will take place. You can map your currency through CompTIA Currency Mapping Sheet. When filling the exam price, you need to ensure that you have entered the exact exam price. The incorrect filling will subject to the cancellation of your transaction process. CompTIA members can contact either or to buy a voucher.Registration is mandatory to complete the transaction process. Registration allows you to create a login account for completing the purchase order and checking the order status in the future. Registration also offers several benefits including quick checkout on future orders, easy order tracking, and special offers. Lastly, you will be choosing your shipping method and then place an order.
  1. Schedule an in-person exam: You can schedule your CASP exam on the Pearson VUE website by following these steps:
  • Create your Pearson VUE testing account by navigating to this link:
  • Find your authorized Pearson VUE testing center through the following link:
  • Schedule your exam by signing in to your authorized Pearson VUE account. You can also cancel or reschedule your exam appointment.
  • Once your exam scheduling is completed, Pearson VUE sends you an email with all necessary information including your testing center details. You need to save that information carefully for future use.
  1. Pass the Exam: Passing your CASP exam requires you to prepare thoroughly either through in-person boot camp training or by studying at home through self-study books and online resources.
  2. Comply with CompTIA’s Candidate Code of Ethics (CCEP): Once you get through your CASP exam successfully and have earned your CASP credential, then you must comply with CompTIA’s Candidate Code of Ethics (CCEP) policy. CASP professionals must not take part in misconduct, breach of security, submission of mistaken or fraudulent information, or any other culpable conduct that could compromise the confidentiality or integrity of the CASP certification exam. If any CASP-certified IT manager violates CCEP policy, his/her CASP credential will be subjected to revocation at any time.


Some important sections of CCEP are described below:

  • A CASP-certified professional must comply with the terms and conditions depicted in the CompTIA’s Candidate Agreement.
  • A CASP professional shall not submit Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that have been completed by someone other than him/her.
  • A CASP-certified professional shall provide only authentic and accurate information for obtaining CEUs.
  • A CASP professional shall comply with CompTIA’s Continuing Education Audit Policies. Once enrolled in the Continuing Education (CE) program, a student can be audited at any time, even in the aftermath of a CE-cycle.
  • The certified person is prohibited to divulge client’s confidential information without his/her consent.
  • The certified professional must not indulge in fraud, deceit, dishonesty, or any misleading conduct to an employer, client, employees, colleagues, governmental or official or any other regulatory body, or any other person.

InfoSec Institute CASP Boot Camp—Your Best Bet

Do you want to take the CompTIA CASP exam? Fortunately, InfoSec Institute offers a uniquely designed CASP Boot Camp for the candidates aspiring for CASP examination. The goal of this course is to provide IT experts with the most comprehensive accelerated environment for the CASP exam. You can enroll this course to acquire a professional CASP certification.

In addition, InfoSec Institute also offers CASP Mentored Online Training course for 5 days. The candidates will be provided the most comprehensive and accelerated learning environment for the CASP exam.

InfoSec has been one of the most awarded (42 industry awards) and trusted information security training vendors for the past 17 years. More importantly, InfoSec Institute has also received CompTIA’s Outstanding Partnership Award at the CompTIA Partner Summit.

InfoSec also offers thousands of articles on a variety of security topics

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