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January 25, 2018 by Stephen Moramarco

The Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) is a credential given by (ISC)2 demonstrating the holder’s knowledge of security protocols for all stages of software development and execution. It is useful for a variety of positions in IT, including QA testers, software developers, engineers and project managers. Even C-level executives such as CTOs and CISOs can benefit from this certification.

Those best served by getting the CSSLP, however, are people with less experience or people applying for government-related security positions. The CSSLP requires a minimum of four years of experience (or three years, if you have a degree in a related field).

The CSSLP is an internationally-recognized certification. It covers software security standards and practices from planning and design to implementation and maintenance. It is considered an excellent counterpart to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

What is the Average CSSLP Salary?

CSSLP holders have varied salaries, depending on factors like job title, location, gender and experience. In the U.S., male CSSLP holders earn $117,501 yearly, while female CSSLP holders earn $99,958.

What is the Average CSSLP Salary by City?

 Because it’s used as a government hiring credential, it’s not surprising that Washington, DC, is the best-paying city for CSSLP holders at $155,000. Perhaps more surprisingly is number two: Indianapolis, IN, at $150,000 annually. Indianapolis added 5,000 tech jobs in just two years; wages are very competitive there to lure top talent.

City Salary
Washington, DC $155,000
Indianapolis, IN $150,000
Boston, MA $117,447
Seattle, WA $115,269
Pullman, WA $99,937
Charleston, SC $95,000

What is the Average CSSLP Salary by Experience?

The CSSLP helps those with less experience earn salaries on par with more experienced IT professionals. Earnings start at about $90,000 per year and exceed $140,000 after just ten years of experience.

Years Experience Salary
1-4 years $90,537
5-9 years $96,213
10-19 years $146,847
20 years or more $140,000

What is the Average CSSLP Salary by Job Role?

Salaries for CSSLP holders vary widely by job role. Chief information security officers ($206,000) and chief technology officers ($170,000) unsurprisingly earn the most, followed by IT directors ($148,304) and senior software architects ($117,000).

Job Title Salary
Chief information security officer $206,000
Chief technology officer (CTO) $170,000
Director, computing/networking/information technology IT security $148,304
Senior software architect $117,000
Information security manager $108,750
Research engineer $99,937
Software engineer $88,210

What Are the Benefits of Becoming CSSLP Certified?

According to (ISC)2, earning your CSSLP proves you have leading application security skills. It shows you can:

  • Create an application security program for your organization
  • Reduce production costs, source code vulnerability and delivery delays
  • Reduce losses from insecure applications

How Can I Become CSSLP Certified?

Earning your CSSLP certification will set you apart from other job candidates. InfoSec Institute’s CSSLP Boot Camp will prepare you for the CSSLP exam through extensive mentoring and drill sessions, review of the entire body of knowledge and practical question and answer scenarios. Accelerated and taught in five days, this in-depth course teaches students how to incorporate security into each phase of the software lifecycle to help mitigate security threats.


Posted: January 25, 2018
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