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December 16, 2020 by Infosec

Recent times have seen a spurt in attempted data theft and many wary companies are hiring specialists to plug these gaps and minimize information leaks. With information security gaining pride of place in the policies of almost every organization across the globe, enterprises are happy to loosen the purse strings to hire the right candidate with the relevant security qualifications. Among these qualifications, the most prominent is the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification. Those who’ve earned this certification have the knowhow and experience to efficiently develop and manage information security programs.

Why CISM is so popular?

CISM is a certificate conferred by ISACA, and due to the meticulous and intensive nature of the course and exam, organizations can rest easy knowing that a CISM certified individual is competent to handle a wide array of infosec issues, right from setup, development, administration and management of an information security program. Since its launch in 2002, there are around 23,000 CISM professionals worldwide and the demand for such IT personnel still overshoots the supply in this case. Because of this, enterprises willingly pay generous compensation for deserving applicants.

Average pay for CISM

The average salary for a CISM certified professional ranges from $52,402 to $243,610. Entry level positions will garner a salary at the lower end of the spectrum whereas candidates who have successfully handled complex projects and placed at a senior level can expect a significantly higher five figure salary, or one which may run into six figures. The average salary according to Payscale is $126,525.

The number or years of relevant work experience and nature of IT security projects worked on also influence compensation, bonus and allied benefits for such professionals, irrespective of whether it is an entry level or higher position.

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Organizations seek CISM certified professionals for handling segments like IT security & infrastructure, security risk management, security policies and procedures, security testing and auditing, network security management, security intrusion detection and IT Management.

CISM job titles

The junior positions for CISM are Information Security Officer and Security Consultant for Computing, Networking or Information Technology. The mid and higher level titles include Information Security Manager, Security Manager (IT) and Chief Information Security Officer.

As per the findings of the 2014 IT Skills and Salary survey conducted by Global Knowledge and Penton, CISM holds second position among the top 15 IT certifications for 2014. Information security is racing ahead of two of the most popular IT skills; project management and programming.

What sets CISM apart from other security certifications

CISM merges the role of IT auditing with the implementation of information security as an independent function within an enterprise. This certification is accepted as a standard across the world for professionals in charge of IT security programs and many a times in the field of IT auditing and control.

Through CISM, ISACA emphasizes on managing security strategies as well as assessing the policies and procedures that are used for information security in relation to the needs of the business.

There are almost endless opportunities for those holding the CISM certification and the high demand for this qualification sees to it that there is no dearth of jobs for such professionals.

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If you’re looking to get yourself familiar with the 5 domains covered, we’ve outlined each in the articles listed below:

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Domain 4: Information Security Program Management (24% of the exam or 48 questions)

Domain 5: Incident Management and Response (14% of the exam or 28 questions)


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Posted: December 16, 2020
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