Average CCSP salary [updated 2022]

August 10, 2022 by Greg Belding

The certified cloud security professional (CCSP) certification is offered by (ISC)2.  It is one of the more popular certifications in the cloud information security sphere.  A question you might have if you’re considering earning this information security certification is: “What is the average salary for CCSP certification holders?” This article answers that question in detail and briefly explores what the CCSP certification is, the average salary for cloud security professionals, what CCSP cert holders are saying about the certification and what the average CCSP salary is by location (generally speaking).

What is the CCSP certification?

The CCSP is a proficiency certification offered by (ISC)2, Inc., for cloud security professionals.  It verifies that the holder has knowledge, ability and skills in cloud security design, architecture, implementation, controls, operations and regulatory framework compliance.  The topics covered in the CCSP CBK are grouped into six domains:

  •       Cloud concepts, architecture and design
  •       Cloud data security
  •       Cloud platform and infrastructure security
  •       Cloud application security
  •       Cloud security operations
  •       Legal, risk and compliance

To put into perspective the level of experience needed for a CCSP certification candidate before earning the certification, five years of professional experience in the field is required.  This means it will take more than an entry-level understanding of cloud security. If you want to earn this cert, you should plan accordingly.  Think of it this way: You need the understanding of these domains of knowledge that requires several years of practice in the field.

What CCSP cert holders say about the certification

Based on surveys and reports from (ISC)2, Certification Magazine and others, CCSP cert holders have offered feedback about what they think about the CCSP certification. Below are some results from those surveys.

  •       Did this certification help you make more money? 52% of survey respondents said yes.
  •       Did this certification help you get a job? 52% of survey respondents said yes.
  •       Would you recommend this certification? 95% of respondents said yes.
  •       When asked why they decided to earn their CCSP, 38% of respondents said they did it to get an edge over other candidates.
  •       Other notable comments from respondents are “Add(ed) marketability to my portfolio” and “Many employers are looking for this certification.”

What is the average salary for cloud security professionals?

Before delving into the question of the CCSP average salary, it will help to get a grasp of the situation in cloud security. The average salary for a cloud security professional in the United States is $121,279, based on a survey that received 2,600 responses. The responses indicated a fair amount of variance in average salaries, depending on which city the person worked in.  Below are the highest paying cities:

  •       New York, NY — $134.620
  •       Seattle, WA — $107,938
  •       San Jose, CA — $151,599
  •       Chicago, IL — $99,479
  •       Austin, TX — $110,363
  •       New Orleans, LA — $133,407
  •       Miami, FL — $106,726

What is the CCSP average salary?

This leaves one glaring question and the reason that you are reading this article — what is the average salary for a CCSP cert holder? Certification Magazine conducted a 2022 salary survey that included more than 5,400 CCSP cert holders. Based on their responses, the average salary for a CCSP certification holder in the United States is $133,740. PayScale, another job salary authority, has determined that CCSP cert holders can expect $120,000. With these figures in mind, the average CCSP cert holder can expect around $127,000 for their average annual salary.

What is the CCSP average salary based on location?

As shown above, average salaries for cloud security professionals vary with location. It makes sense to figure location into the average salary calculation because it wouldn’t be reasonable to think the average salary in New York City would be the same as the average salary in a small town. This is a well-founded assumption, but there are no current statistics about CCSP cert holders in various U.S. cities. 

What is the average CCSP salary based on job role?

To flesh out the 2022 Salary Survey figure for the CCSP average salary: Your job role may influence how much your average salary will be. Below are average CCSP salaries for various job roles.

  •       Security architect, IT:               $126,595
  •       Security director:                      $160,994
  •       Security engineer:                    $107,500
  •       Information security manager:       $116,981
  •       Cybersecurity analyst:                  $113,000


Cloud security is an area of information security that is in high demand and that is not expected to change anytime soon. If you earn a CCSP certification, it will give your salary a healthy boost. If you are a cloud security professional who has five years of professional experience, you may want to consider earning the CCSP certification to take advantage of the increased salary it offers.

For more on the CCSP certification, check out our CCSP certification hub.


Posted: August 10, 2022
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