Security awareness is a crucial consideration for businesses large and small today. Chances are good that you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in security awareness training for your employees. However, it’s just as likely that they’re going to forget much of what they learned.

It’s natural – the daily grind tends to push everything but the most urgent of tasks from our minds. Security awareness posters (both electronic and printable) provide a visual reminder of important security tasks for everyone within your organization. Of course, not all posters are created equal, so we’ve assembled 20 of the best options out there.


  1. Does Your Password Suck?

Password security is one of the most pressing concerns for organizations today, and this poster does a great job of bluntly reminding your team that their passwords probably do suck. It also does a good job of explaining how to ensure that their passwords are stronger and less prone to hacking.

  1. You can’t always trust a cloud not to rain.

This is a clever little poster that ties into the notion that the cloud is somehow inherently secure. It’s not. It also backs this up with reminders and tips about basic cloud security steps that every computer user should know and practice.

  1. Protect Your Workplace

Part of the “protect your workplace” campaign, this poster might not be boldly illustrated, but it provides important information about combating cybersecurity threats in the workplace, whether that’s an international business, a school or something completely different. It also includes links to the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop. Think. Connect to website pages where readers can learn more.

  1. Cybersecurity Guidance

Similar to the previous poster, this one was developed by both the Department of Homeland Security and the South Dakota state government, and provides warnings about the dangers of cybersecurity, but also important tips for general employees, as well as business leaders and IT professionals.

  1. Aw, Crap!

Another password-related poster, this one reinforces the fact that most people use words or phrases, even nicknames, that are often visible to others, used in many other areas, and are easy to guess. Poor JDOG1 in this picture seems to be a little bit clueless about why he’s being hacked so often.

  1. Stop. Think. Connect. Basic Tips & Advice

While this one’s a bit lengthy, it does a good job of providing basic tips and advice for computer users ranging from locking down login information to ensuring that software updates are completed on time.

  1. Change UR Password

This poster is quite literally one of the most important reminders for security awareness. Regularly changing passwords can help ensure better security across your organization. The poster also gives a few tips to help ensure better password strength.

  1. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A clever play on the old adage, this poster illustrates that hackers and malicious attacks can appear to be completely benign, such as with phishing and spear-phishing attacks. It reminds you to be alert and always vigilant, as well as to use strong passwords and to update systems regularly.

  1. Password Do Nots

Another handy poster to have on hand, this one highlights some of the most important (and, sadly, common) mistakes to avoid with passwords within your organization.

  1. It’s a jungle in there.

Probably one of the most frequently seen posters, this bold illustration shows just how dangerous the Internet can be by connecting intangible threats like viruses and hackers with dangerous wild animals.

It only takes seconds

This poster is a handy reminder that it takes hackers and online thieves literally seconds to steal virtually anything they might want, from personal information to login credentials. It also provides some helpful tips for navigating the online world.

  1. Privacy Landscape

This is a lovely, illustrated map of how circuitous the route information takes from one point online to another, and how much potential there is for breaches along the way. It illustrates that without encryption, data is open to prying eyes everywhere along the path.

  1. Lures belong in your tackle box

One of our favorite posters out there, this simple yet elegant message warns users about the dangers of phishing scams. We think the dual treble hooks on the lure are excellent representations of the dangers here. The poster also contains an explanation of phishing and how to handle these types of emails.

  1. Phishing

As with a couple of other posters we’ve highlighted, this one covers the dangers of phishing, as well as tips on how to avoid being victimized.

  1. Digital Security & Privacy

This poster was designed for both print and digital use, and provides reminders that there is no such thing as perfect security, and that protecting an organization is a shared responsibility. It follows up with important password security tips, as well as information to enhance OS security.

  1. Think Secure

Produced by UC Riverside, this poster illustrates crucial tips for online security in both academic and personal lives, including using strong passwords, being aware of scams and viruses, being watchful about links and emails, being proactive about protection, and being smart about information storage.

  1. 10 Surprising Cyber Security Facts

More an infographic than a poster, this entry to the list does an excellent job of highlighting not just surprising facts about cybersecurity, but the most common attack methods used by hackers, where most threats originate, how hackers manipulate their victims, and the financial toll that cyber-attacks take.

  1. What Impact Does Phishing Have on Your Business?

Another excellent poster, this one highlights not just the dangers of phishing, but the actual impact it has on businesses, ranging from the presence of industrial espionage in many attacks, to the results of the attack (data loss, compromised accounts, etc.), email types that get the most clicks from recipients, and a great deal more.

  1. Small Multiples

A handy poster to have, this one depicts the departments within a business where OS patches and updates are most frequently missing. Sales is the most obvious culprit, but HR runs a close second, followed by Operations and Marketing.

  1. Cyber Crime Economy

While not business-specific, this poster does an excellent job of exposing how cybercrime works, its ramifications, and its impacts on both private citizens and organizations.

There you have them – 20 security awareness posters that actually stick. From the dangers of phishing to the need for better password creation and management, these tools can help ensure protection for your business.

For more security awareness training for you and your colleagues, check out Infosec IQ or launch a free Phishing Risk Test. It’s free to sign up and start managing campaigns aimed at your friends, family, and co-workers. Try it today!

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