Our last two articles examined the CGEIT cert in more detail. The first one provided an overview into the particulars of the actual exam, and the second one addressed the top 15 FAQs associated with it. In this article, we continue with the theme of the CGEIT, focusing upon the various job titles that come with it, as well as the salary and job prospects.

Job Titles

Although the ISACA website clearly states those specific titles to whom the CGEIT is geared towards to, a query search in some of the leading tech related job boards (such as and reveal a wide mix of employers and job titles to which possessing the CGEIT is a minimum, preferred requirement. The following matrix shows this data:

Employer Job Title
Coalfire Systems, Inc. Senior Director, Cyber Risk Services
John Deere Information Senior Security Analyst
Ksenia Technical Services Cybersecurity Management Consultant
Zillow Group Program Manager, IT Compliance
Humana Internal Audit Manager
HSN IT Compliance Analyst
Edgewell IT Governance Risk and Compliance Manager
Adtran Chief Information Officer
Medtronic Senior IT Audit Manager
Motorola Solutions Security Operations and Compliance Manager
Experian Limited IT Audit Manager

It should be noted that although they are not listed in the above matrix, it is the General Electric Company and Pricewaterhouse Coopers that have the most demand for individuals that possess the CGEIT cert.


Salary Breakdowns of the CGEIT By Job Title

The following matrix shows the salary breakdown by specific job title:

Job Title Salary
IT Director $127,000.00
CIO $125,000.00
VP of Information Technology $147,872.00
IS Manager $150,000.00
Senior IT Manager $108,500.00
Senior Business Consultant $120,992.00


As one can see, it is the upper echelon titles that command the highest salaries (such as that of IT Director, CIO, VP, and Manager+).

Salary Breakdowns of the CGEIT By Geographic Location

The following matrix shows the salary breakdown by cities in the United States:

City Salary
Washington, DC $282,000.00
New York, NY $160,125.00
Chicago, IL $118,992.00
Houston, TX $150,000.00
Seattle, WA $151,269.00

Based from the data, it appears that it is the East Coast cities which are paying the most for individuals whom possess the CGEIT cert, with the exception being that of Houston, TX.


Salary Breakdowns of the CGEIT By Gender

The following matrix shows the salary breakdown by gender:

Gender Salary
Male (75% of CGEIT cert holders) $94,651.00 – $168,160.00
Female (25% of CGEIT cert holders) $60,820.00 – $149,154.00


Breakdown of Total Years of Work Experience for Individuals That Possess the CGEIT

The following matrix shows the work experience breakdown:

Total Number of Years Percentage
1-4 years 1% of CGEIT population
5-9 years 3% of CGEIT population
10-19 years 49% of CGEIT population
20+ years 47% of CGEIT population



Although any IT professional will benefit greatly by possessing the CGEIT cert, it will have the most impact, in terms of compensation, upon the individual with the following characteristics:

  • They possess a C-Level or Senior IT Manager+ job title;
  • They are working in one of the major East Coast cities (and the major cities in Texas as well);
  • They have at least 10-19 years of work experience.



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