Interested in earning an infosec credential that ensures you’re best suited for working with government agencies, either as an employee or a contractor? If so, the ISSEP concentration for the CISSP certificate may be an ideal option.

What Is ISSEP?

ISSEP stands for Information Systems Security Engineering Professional, and is a “concentration area” of the CISSP credential. It is designed to teach the information systems security engineering process, and addresses what security engineering is, why it is performed and best practices concerning how it is performed. Anyone considering a management-level position in the infosec industry should consider earning their CISSP/ISSEP credentials.

What Is the Average ISSEP Salary?

ISSEP salaries vary significantly depending on geographic location, specific job duties and years of experience. However, the national average ranges from $87,262 to $174,362 for men. Women typically earn less, averaging $112,500 per year. Currently, 88% of CISSP-ISSEP holders are men, and just 12% are women.

What Is the Average ISSEP Salary by City?

Average ISSEP salaries vary considerably by city. For example, ISSEP-certified professionals in Tucson, Arizona, earn an average of $180,000 yearly, but ISSEP holders in Melbourne, Florida, earn just $73,936 per year. Salary data for additional cities can be found in the table below.

City Salary
Tucson, AZ $180,000
Washington, DC $115,039
San Diego, CA $110,553
Colorado Springs, CO $104,143
Melbourne, FL $73,936

What Is the Average ISSEP Salary by Experience?

The more experience you have, the higher your salary will be with ISSEP certification. Those with 20 or more years of experience earn an average of $166,169. ISSEP holders with 10 to 19 years of experience earn an average of $115,790, while those with one to four years of experience earn an average of $115,050.

Experience Salary
0 – 4 years $115,050
5 – 9 years $85,000
10 – 19 years $115,790
20+ years $166,169

What Is the Average Salary by Job Role?

ISSEP certification can be a stepping stone for a number of different careers, each of which carries its own average salary. For instance, as a security engineer for information systems, you might earn $116,240. As a senior principal engineer, you could earn $177,020. As an information security officer, you could earn $101,200. Information security engineers earn an average of $97,500, while chief information security officers earn around $172,977. Finally, a cyber security engineer might earn around $136,850.

Job Role Salary
Security engineer information systems $116,240
Senior principal engineer $177,020
Information security officer $101,200
Information security engineer $97,500
Chief Information security officer $172,977
Cyber security engineer $136,850

What Are the Benefits of Becoming ISSEP Certified?

Earning your ISSEP certification, or InfoSys Security Engineering Professional credentials, is a vital step toward becoming a consummate infosec professional. Perhaps the most important benefit is the ability to move into a management-level information security position with employers ranging from technology companies to the federal government.

The ISSEP is part of the CISSP battery of exams, and builds on what you learned and mastered in the primary CISSP course. There are four areas of focus within ISSEP certification, including systems security engineering, certification and accreditation, technical management and U.S. government information assurance regulations.

It is an important credential for a number of professionals and career paths. For instance, senior systems engineers, information assurance systems engineers, information assurance officers, information assurance analysis and senior security analysts can all benefit from earning this credential.

It is also an important credential for anyone interested in working with the Department of Defense (DoD) in any capacity, as the test is based on the IATF framework. The credential is also backed by IC2, one of the most recognized names in the infosec industry.

How Can I Become ISSEP Certified?

You can earn your ISSEP individually through InfoSec Institute’s ISSEP Boot Camp, or through the CISSP Boot Camp dual certification program. The ISSEP Boot Camp focuses on the art and science of the information systems security engineering process. Content covered in the course includes systems security engineering, certification and accreditation, technical management and U.S. Government Information Assurance regulations.

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