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Sojourner Truth offers a great opportunity to ask big questions: What is literature? What is American literature? Is it a speech literature? If you do not write it yourself, is this literature? What is the purpose of literature? These lectures are prepared to explain where and how the students are held and where the participants will be useful during slaughter prevention gatherings. Students may have problems with these texts; traditional close-up reading in the classroom can be helpful. Usually you can separate the author from her work. In this case, we have a speech style as well as a language expression, and speakers take ourselves as the main role of work. Therefore, in a sense, she is the subject of her work. What literary and quasi-literary categories can you assign to these speech (fiction, autobiography, prophecy)? How do they “infringe” the boundaries of traditional genres? Where did the speech end, where did the drama start?

African-American literature: African American literature is a literary work written by African-American. African-American literary tradition: African-American literature, they have similar themes, metaphor and other long-term evolution. A literary criticism of black feminist: a process of exploration by exploring, reading, analyzing, and theoretically investigating by “writings” of general writers of black female authors, scholars and critics. The viewpoint of black feminist / lens: How to read; the reader does not need to be black or female, and there is no need for black women to be considered in the text. From the perspective of a black feminist you need to pay attention to race, class, gender and sexual oppression. Young adult literature: Non-‘classical’ or non ‘classical’ literature, including hero from 12 to 18