Diederik Perk and Peter Rietveld

Diederik Perk (pictured) is a business consultant at Traxion, involved in policy, research and publishing in the fields of Information Security and Cyber Security. He’s identified as a thought leader on the topic of Access Governance. After previous employment at the Department of Defense, Office of the Public Prosecutor, he’s currently operating within IAM, risk management, baselining and security framework modeling projects. His publications include regular contributions to Tripwire’s State of Security, Cyberwarzone.com and TheHollandBureau.com. He can be reached at Diederik.perk[at]Traxion.com **************************************************************************************************************
Peter Rietveld is an authority in the field of Computer and Information Security, with near to twenty years’ experience as a system architect, developer, penetration tester and cryptanalist. As a security advisor at Traxion he consults organizations in ICT, the aviation industry, telecom, finance, government agencies and health care. His prognostic publication on the future of access control is available online under the Dutch title ‘Toekomst van de Toegang’. Currently he’s working on a thought-provoking new book on cyber-doctrines. For many years he’s been a regular contributor to Security.nl with timely and insightful commentary on issues in IT security.