NJ Ouchn

NJ OUCHN has an Engineer/Master Electronics diploma from a Prestigious French Engineering School. A security expert with over 15 years experience in vulnerability management, compliance assessment and pentesting. Prior to be a security freelancer, NJ was CTO and Co-Founder of an innovative SaaS Multi-Engines Threats Scanning Solution. As part of his research, he is focusing into maintaining many projects as the DPE (Default Password Enumeration), vFeed® the open source correlated & cross-linked vulnerability database and FireCAT the Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTensions.
Today, he is the organizer of the major event Blackhat Arsenal Tools (US and Europe) since 2011 and the founder and main maintainer of the most reliable service for tools watch and track www.toolswatch.org
He goes by the handle of @toolswatch on Twitter and he is a nice guy always willing to share and to communicate with people.