If you like creating and designing web pages or software, you might want to dive into an application developer job. An application developer designs, codes, implements and supports software for external and internal corporations. Depending on the software you code, you could work in-house for a large enterprise or design software for end-user customers.

Prerequisites: What You Need in the Application Developer Industry

There are several types of application developers. First, you could write cloud applications that run in a custom engine or in the browser. You could write desktop applications that run on user computers. You can also write mobile apps that run on phones or tablets. Most of these applications use a specific language, so you should learn a specific language such as PHP, C, ASP.NET C#, Java or Python. There are several other languages, but you should become familiar and master at least one to break into the industry.

What Does an Application Developer Do?

Application developers write software for internal enterprise productivity or for customers such as website owners and webmasters. The type of programming you do depends on the type of job you get.

Another common part of the job is supporting your applications. Your job usually doesn’t stop after deployment. You usually need to add more modules to the software and support and fix any bugs found by production support personnel. Being a software developer is a creative and exciting career since you get to create different applications for several different clients.

Application Developer Salary Description

Notice the salary ranges for an application developer in the graph below:

Application Developer Salary
As you can see, the application developer role carries a wide range of salary options. To start as a simple HTML developer, you’ll make about $20,000 each year. As you move up with more difficult languages, you’ll make more. A standard application developer makes about $75,000 each year, which is a great starting salary in many areas.

Once you become a senior developer, you start making about $90,000 each year. This number continues to rise each time you learn a new language and become more senior. Most companies have a lead developer that manages projects, and this type of developer will earn you over $100,000 each  year.

You can become an expert in some applications that will help you raise your salary. For instance, Salesforce is one of the most popular sales platforms in the cloud. You can customize Salesforce applications and make about $100,000 each year. Android development helps propel you into mobile application development. An Android developer makes about $95,000 each year. A senior Android developer makes about $115,000 each year. You can choose to work with Apple iOS and make about $75,000 each year. A general mobile developer makes about $95,000 each year, which means you know both iOS and Android for your development expertise.

An application developer is an exciting role, and you continue to learn new languages and new techniques when you work in the industry.