There is plenty of Security+ training material available that match your learning style and learning needs. The important thing to consider is which material will be most effective at getting you to your goal of certification. Whether you are studying in a classroom environment or at home, you absolutely must follow CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC) training material that will help you to pass the exam. But many of these other resources will be helpful as well.

The Best Books to Help Prep for the Security+

Do you prefer studying alone at home instead of learning in a classroom or any institution/supervision? If so, self-studying for your Security+ examination is the way to go. Due to an expanding population and an exponential number of new technologies, self-study is on the rise. The CompTIA recommends a broad spectrum of study material for its Security+ exam, including various books not only for self-study but also for classroom training.

CompTIA only approves material that meets its strict standard, which is CompTIA Approved Quality Content (CAQC). The books approved through CAQC are given below.

CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: This book is written by Darril Gibson and is published by YCDA, LLC. It consists of eleven chapters, and each presents topics clearly and concisely. It also includes real-world practical examples of information security scenarios so that the candidate can better comprehend the topics. This book is available on Amazon.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Authorized Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition: This book is authored by David L. Prowse and is published by Pearson IT Certification. The author shares test-taking tips and prep hints that help you to identify your areas of weakness and enhance both hands-on skills and conceptual knowledge. All chapters are presented comprehensively and clearly so that the candidates can grasp and memorize the topics easily. Moreover, DVD features of this book include 3 complete practice exams, 31 interactive exercises, and 31 videos. In addition, a set of practice exam questions assist you in assessing your knowledge. You can buy this book from Amazon.

Mike Meyers CompTIA Security+ Certification Passport, Fifth Edition: This book is also a publication of McGraw Hill, and is authored by Dawn Dunkerley and T.J. Samuel. It is affordable and provides expert tips and a portable study tool in addition to CAQC, content which will give you the competitive edge on exam day. It also provides practice exam questions at the end of each chapter, recommended resources for more information, and comprehensive definitions of key terms and concepts.

DVD Features include:

  • A PDF copy of the book
  • 200 practice exam questions

Amazon offers this book at cheap prices.

In addition to the books for self-studying, the CompTIA also recommends some books for classroom training of the Security+ exam. These books along with their Amazon links are listed below.

What are the Best Online Resources to Prep for the Security+?

An overwhelming number of CompTIA’s training partners and other vendors have created Security+ online training material, including e-books, e-learning, videos, and practice exam tests. The underlying sections include all the essentials that can help you to better prepare your Security+ exam.

InfoSec Institute: InfoSec Institute is one of the best information security training academies, and offers both the Security+ Training Online and Classroom Boot Camps with a pass rate 94.7% and 92% respectively in the information security industry. In addition, InfoSec has secured 42 industry awards over 17 years. Security Products Guide lists InfoSec Institute as the top source for technical content. Once you book your online course, you will be able to access 45+ hours professional Security+ training, engaging content, mentored learning format (access to a live instructor), and instant access to streaming videos and media in HD.

CompTIA CertMaster: CompTIA CertMaster is an intelligent Online Learning Tool that assists you in getting ready for your Security+ exam. CertMaster is available both for desktop and mobile devices.

Lynda: provides a CompTIA Security+ online training course named CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Prep Video Series. It’s a 5-course video series which is designed to prepare the students for the Security+ exam. This course covers all the six domains of the Security+ exam, along with exam overview and self-tests.

gtslearning: Established in 1998, gtslearning is the award-winning supplier and developer of learning material for CompTIA’s certifications. The gtslearning offers a CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 online learning course that includes live labs and Transcender exam. The prices for both learning programs are $199 and $169 respectively. If you book your Online Learning Course, gtslearning provides you 12 months access to its web portal for your selected course, with instant activation at purchase. You will also be able to watch integrated Professor Messer’s training video lectures.

Professor Messer: Professor Messer recommends a broad spectrum of CompTIA Security+ material that includes free SY0-501 Security+ videos, SY0-501 course notes, and much more.

Cyber Vista: Cyber Vista is a CompTIA’s authorized partner. It provides a live Online Security+ Course that sets you on a competitive edge on exam day. The certified Security+ instructors delivers you three lecture one night each week for 8 weeks. You will also be able to learn with your partner students in Cyber Vista’s live online environment.

What are the Best Study Guides for the Security+?

CompTIA recommends the best study guides for Security+ aspirants. Having any of these guides can help you to pass your Security+ exam. These guides include:

CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide: This guide is written by Glen Clarke, IT consultant and bestselling certification author. Moreover, it covers all the Security+ domains and offers comprehensive details based on proven pedagogy. In addition, each chapter contains scenario-based questions whereby one can judge one’s abilities and preparation. Furthermore, this book incorporates more than four hundred (400) practice exam questions. You can buy this book from Amazon.

CompTIA Security+ Study Guide (SY0-501): This book is written by Emmet Dulaney and Chuck Easttom, and is published by the Sybex, a Wiley brand. It has twelve chapters that provide 100% coverage of the Security+ exam material/domains. This book also incorporates practical examples and relates them to the real-world scenarios in the realm of information security. It also provides hands-on exercises and access to exam preparation Software Featuring. This includes:

  • Practice Test Environment
  • Electronic Flashcards
  • Hundreds of Practice Questions
  • Glossary of Key Terms

Here is the Amazon link where you can buy this book.

CompTIA Security+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition (Exam SY0-501): This book is published by McGraw Hill. It’s a complete and authoritative exam guide that covers the Security+ exam, SY0-501, and all objectives thoroughly and comprehensively. In addition, this book also incorporates exam tips, practice exam, and in-depth explanation at the beginning of each chapter. Here is an Amazon link where you can buy this book.

What are the Best Practice Exams for the Security+?

CompTIA recommends two practice tests for the candidates so that they can perform well on exam day. Below is the in-depth description of these tests.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 Practice Test: Published by LearnForce Partners LLC, this practice test covers all six objectives: Network Security, Compliance and Operational Security, Threats and Vulnerabilities, Application, Data and Host Security, Access Control and Identity Management, and Cryptography.

Sec+ Training – Resources (InfoSec)

CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exams, Second Edition for Exam SY0-401: This study package is also published by McGraw Hill, a renowned publication for CompTIA certifications. This practice test covers all Security+ objectives, including 800+ simulated exam questions. The DVD features include three practice exams, all with an in-depth explanation of each correct answer. Besides, you will be able to get some useful study tips, customized quizzes, and a PDF copy of the eBook. You can buy this practice exam book from comptiastore.

InfoSec Security+ Boot Camp

In addition to its Security+ online training program, InfoSec also offers a Security+ Boot Camp that teaches you the information theory, as well as reinforces theory with hands-on exercises that help you “learn by doing.”

InfoSec also offers thousands of articles on all manner of security topics.

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