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About the Author:

Thomas Mackenzie is a security researcher for the InfoSec Institute and the Director of upSploit Limited - a vulnerability management solution aimed at security researchers and vendors alike. During his spare time he consults for various different companies in the area of web application penetration testing and vulnerability/security research.

Mackenzie co-hosted the British podcast Disaster Protocol, which discussed IT security in an informal way. He has spoken at a number of events worldwide including OWASP chapter meetings in England and, most recently, Chicago BSides. Mackenzie is currently developing a number of new open-source services. They will be featured on his blog (http://www.tmacuk.co.uk) and his Twitter account (@tmacuk).

How Can FireFox Plugins Help You?


I have a pet hate. This is something that really annoys me when I get a new laptop, which if you ask my girlfriend is much too often.

Above is […]

Malicious SOAP Requests as Web Service Attacks

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One of the biggest problems that businesses and individuals face today is the cost of web application security.

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Automated Vulnerability Disclosure with upSploit

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