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About the Author:

Tim Heard is the founder and president of eSearch Associates, a recruiting and staffing firm operating in technology and legal services job sectors. He has worked in a variety of HR and recruiting roles since the late 80’s, when he began his HR career in the hospital division of Humana Inc. He founded eSearch Associates in 2009, reasoning that if he could survive the brilliant strategy of starting a search firm at the peak of one of the nation’s worst recessions, he could survive and thrive anywhere. (Besides which, there were no HR jobs to be had at the time.)

Tim has been a freelance writer since 2001, primarily offering advice and opinions related to career advice, management advice, and technology. He has regularly volunteered for a number of years with a local prison ministry, including having served on the board of directors, and currently serves on the board of directors of a local community ministry and food bank.

He can be contacted directly at about.me/timheard.

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