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About the Author:

Shaun Peapell is the Information Security Consultant at CY4OR and is responsible for the overall running of the CY4OR Secure team including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and information security based investigations. Shaun’s skill set extends into wireless network vulnerability and compromise confirmation. Shaun also project manages GSM bespoke requirements including cell site analysis. Before joining CY4OR, Shaun served 16 years in the Royal Air Force Police specialising as a Counter Intelligence and Information Technology Security Investigator. As an experienced information security consultant, Shaun is a TIGER Qualified Security Team Member (QSTM) and has participated in over countless investigations involving information security, wireless networking and unauthorized access. Shaun has been directly involved in the conception, design and build of portable GSM autonomous networks. For more info, visit http://cy4or.co.uk/.

It Is Simple, If I Can Compromise Your Wireless Router, I Own Your Network! Period!

It is convenient, it is a necessity, and some devices give you no other option: wireless networking is all around us.

We all use wireless networks on a daily basis, […]