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About the Author:

Shashank is an information security researcher, analyst and penetration tester working in Bangalore, India. He has experience in conducting penetration tests for government organizations, banking, finance, hospitality, defense, NGOs and various other industries. He is also involved with various organizations to help them in strengthening the security of their applications and infrastructure. He likes to research on web application security, secure code review and advance attack vectors. His own blog is available at http://security-logic.blogspot.in/.

Android Application Penetration Testing: Setting up, Certificate Installation and GoatDroid Installation

To begin with mobile application penetration testing on the Android platform, we have multiple tools available that can be easily downloaded and installed to prepare the environment testing.These tools […]


Anatomy of an attack: Gaining Reverse Shell from SQL injection

SQL injection opens a lot of possibilties for an attacker like dumping the database, causing denial of service, or stealing sensitive information. But it becomes more interesting when it […]