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SecRat works at a start-up. He's interested in Windows Driver Programming.

Extending Network Reconnaissance Tools

We always come across situations when our beloved tools like Nmap, Nessus etc. cannot continue because of the limited functionality provided by them. The nature of pen testing is […]


Windows Cryptography API

Microsoft Windows provides a sleek API for cryptographic purposes. It is a generic interface for accessing cryptographic services provided by Microsoft Windows operating system.

CryptoAPI is meant to be used […]


Advanced sqlmap

sqlmap is an attack tool which can be effectively used to perform SQL injection attacks and post exploitation acts. It is a versatile tool when it comes to SQL […]


Dive into Microsoft DBG API

Microsoft provides an inbuilt API for debugging Windows executables. With the power of Win32 Debugging API, you can create a custom debugger according to your needs. You can handle […]


Extending Debuggers

Sometimes we come across situations when we are in need of doing something inside our debuggers or to extend the functionality of them. For such things, debuggers usually provide […]


API Hooking

API hooking is a technique by which we can instrument and modify the behavior and flow of API calls. API hooking can be done using various methods on Windows. […]


Debugging TLS Callbacks

TLS (thread local storage) calls are subroutines that are executed before the entry point . There is a section in the PE header that describes the place of a […]