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About the Author:

Rob Barnes is a software security architect specializing in web application security, pen testing, risk management, and threat modeling. He holds CISSP, CSSLP, and CEH certifications and has a master's degree in information security. His passion is helping customers understand and manage risk by framing security in the context of business impact.

Hidden Phishing Threats


By now, the risks associated with phishing are well-known and well-documented. What is often misunderstood or overlooked is a hidden threat related to phishing.Brief BackgroundThere are various forms of […]


Conditional Complexity of Risk Models


“Conditional complexity” (also called cyclomatic complexity) is a term used to measure the complexity of software. The term refers to the number of possible paths through a program function; […]


Geocoding Router Log Data

Any good piece of malware eventually has to phone home. What good is collecting your dirty little secrets if it can’t capitalize on them? This article will help demonstrate […]