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About the Author:

Quequero is a security researcher for InfoSec Institute. He founded the UIC back in 1998, one of the biggest European Reverse Engineering research communities. He's an active researcher, developer and studies how to reverse engineer on both mobile and desktop platforms. His primary research interests focus on Rootkit Technology, Malware Analysis, Forensics, Data Analysis and Correlation.

Quequero can be reached on http://quequero.org and on Twitter @quequero.

DarkComet Analysis – Understanding the Trojan used in Syrian Uprising

DarkComet used in Syrian Conflict?
On February 17th the CNN published an interesting article, where some Syrian’s regime opponents claimed that the government was using a Trojan to monitor and […]


RootSmart Android Malware

Android’s increasing popularity, combined with the possibility to create alternative markets, makes this platform a fertile ground for malware authors. While most of these applications just exploit the inexperience […]