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Loading Msgreen.dll to Bypass DEP Office 2010 Windows 7 Double-Click RCE Exploit

In this post, I am going to discuss a new technique that I used to bypass ASLR on windows 7 for office 2010. By the end of this post […]


Executing Office 2007 Exploit on Office 2010

So in the last post, we discussed how to insert your own payload by reversing a malware sample. Here, we are going to discuss how to execute an Office […]


Reverse Engineering a Malicious Word Document

In this post, I am going to explain in detail how to go about reversing an exploit with which one can easily insert his/her own payload, providing an exploit […]

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pcAnywhere Leaked Source Code – An Anonymous Review

The pcAnywhere source code leaked out onto the internet late January 2012 includes 47,021 files weighing in at 1.3GB. The October 2006 snapshot provides an insight into Symantec development […]