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Patrick Lambert boasts over 15 years of experience in creating online content from designing Websites and writing articles for various technology magazines, to managing campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter. He is also certified in many Microsoft products and has worked in diverse computer-related fields such as customer support, software quality assurance, and IT.

Will the iPhone 5S Be The Catalyst to Fingerprint Scanners on All Our Devices?

A phone used to be a simple device you would make phone calls with. It could have your contact list, or even a log of recent contacts, but that […]


Mozilla Persona: What you should know and how to implement it

In the summer of 2012, Mozilla unveiled a new single sign-on (SSO) solution called Mozilla Persona to the online world. At the time, their branding was actually BrowserID, but […]


Op-Ed: Drones will be the technological battleground of the decade

The last decade was all about the web. The Internet itself used to be a scientific dream; to transmit data and messages from one computer to the next, and […]


Are Your Smartphone Apps Leaking Personal Information In Clear Text?

For many years now, we have been trained to look for the SSL icon on our browsers, and have told our family and friends to do the same. It’s […]


Fun with email headers

Email is still, to this day, the most used method of online communication. Even though many people predicted email would eventually get replaced by instant messaging or video chat […]


How to Filter User Input: An Overview

If you make web sites, online apps, or even just your own personal blog, chances are that you’ve heard the phrase “Don’t trust user input!” This is one of […]


Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Safe

Whether you’re an average Internet user, or an IT pro who checks Twitter before getting out of bed and goes through several SSH sessions before the day is over, […]

Phone Scam

How to Spot Phone Based Support Scams, and Why They Work So Well

“Hi, I’m calling you from Windows Technical Support!”

If you work in IT, or even if you just know computers and the Internet, chances are this line is something you’ve […]