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About the Author:

Parul Garg works in the Information Security domain, currently as security analyst with a leading company in Hyderabad. A researcher with InfoSec Institute, her focus includes (but is not limited to) Web Application Penetration Testing and automation scripts.

Garg is also interested in PERL/Java/SQL automation.

Cryptography 101 with SSL

To Start With
Whenever you are connecting to a site via HTTPS, the complete session is encrypted and all the application data is sent over a secured encrypted channel.

HTTPS (Hypertext […]


Burp Suite Tutorial: Session Handling Mechanisms


Web applications, nowadays, handle sessions and state by implementing session expiration and sessionid lifecycle in a more secure manner to avoid security issues such as session hijacking. They will […]

Extending Burp Suite

There are multiple intercepting proxy tools available and Burp Suite is one of the best tools available for interception. If you are not yet familiar with it, for a […]

Fuzzing – Application and File Fuzzing

In our first article, we reviewed the basics of fuzzing as well as the mutation and generation technique. We have also introduced the PeachFuzzer, which we will take a […]

Fuzzing – Mutation vs. Generation

Basic concepts to start with:

Many of you have undoubtedly come across the word “Fuzzing” and wondered about it. But if you have ever tried modifying some parameter; some sort […]

Secure Random Number Generation in JAVA


Some Random Number concepts:
“Random numbers” means numbers which are random in practice (i.e. unpredictable and non – reproducible). As simple this term looks when you hear it for the […]