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About the Author:

Nikhil Kumar, a Certified Ethical Hacker, works as a Information Security Consultant. He has experience in web application pen-testing, social engineering, password cracking and android pen-testing. He is also involved with various organizations to help them in strengthening the security of their applications and infrastructure.

Null Byte Injection in PHP

The null character is a control character with the value zero. It is presented in many character sets such as ASCII (American Standard Code of for Information Interchange), Unicode […]


Avoiding Mod Security False Positives with White-listing

We have already discussed in my previous articles how to configure Mod Security Firewall with OWASP rules and also analysed the different types of logs which Mod Security generates. […]


Analyzing the Mod Security Logs

In the previous article, we had already configured the Mod-Security Firewall with OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS). But installing and configuring the Mod Security alone is not enough, as […]


Configuring the ModSecurity Firewall with OWASP Rules

In today’s world, over 70% of all attacks carried out over are done so at the web application level, so we need to implement security at multiple levels, as […]


DOS Deflate: Layer 7 DOS Protection Tool

DOS/DDOS stands for Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of Service. DOS or DDOS is a type of attack in which a machine or a network resource is unavailable to its […]