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About the Author:

Mohit Rawat is an engineering graduate and works as a Security Analyst.Specialized in social engineering, penetration testing, application vulnerability assessments, digital forensics investigations and IT security architecture. He works for both public and private sector clients, perform penetration testing, digital forensics investigations and deliver security training to IT professionals

Tracking Attackers: Honeypot, Part 3 (Dionaea)


Malicious entities are common on the Internet and most often fall into a category of malware such as worms, viruses and Trojan horses. Malware poses a major threat on […]


Tracking Attackers with a Honeypot – Part 2 (Kippo)


Unauthorized access to servers occurs on a daily basis. Attackers are constantly searching the Internet for servers that they can use for malicious activity. An easy target for an […]


Tracking Attackers: Honeypot, Part 1 (Honeyd)

A honey pot is a computer system that is expressly set up to attract and trap an attacker who is attempting to compromise the information systems in an organization. […]


Penetration Testing Apps for Android Devices


According to recent research, the amount of mobile phone users is larger than PC users. At the same time, the number of people who own Android phones is increasing […]


Subterfuge: The Automated Man-in-the-Middle Attack Framework


Surfing the internet through untrustworthy public networks whether wired or wireless has been known to be risky for a long time now. We all think twice before logging into […]


Overview of Android Malware Analysis


Malware is software used to disrupt gather sensitive information, or gain access to private systems. Any program or piece of software that affects the working of a device can […]


Overview of OS Fingerprinting

Operating system fingerprinting is the process of learning what operating system is running on a particular device.

By analyzing certain protocol flags, options, and data in the packets a device […]


Android Architecture and Forensics

Android is one of the most open, versatile, and customizable mobile operating systems out there. Android is a Linux-based operating system with market share – 79.70% in smart phones. […]


Tools for Internet Counter Surveillance


Today’s world is an Internet world. These days, everyone wants to save their professional data and private content. With so much private information being shared over the Internet via […]


Buffer Overflow Basics


Buffer overflows have been the most common form of security vulnerability in the last 10 years. Buffer overflow attacks make up a substantial portion of all security attacks simply […]


Spam and Anti-Spam Techniques


Electronic messaging has become an important part of our lives. Users can send messages to recipients on the other side of the world at nearly no cost. The low […]


Computer Forensic Tools for Laymen

Computer forensics involves the processes of analyzing and evaluating digital data as evidence. It is the analysis of information contained within and created with computer systems and computing devices, […]


Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

What Is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is manipulating people into doing something, rather than by breaking in using technical means. It is the art of gaining access to buildings, systems, […]


e-Whoring: Darker Way to Earn Money


E-whoring is surely becoming one of the most common methods for beginning cybercriminals to gain easy money. E-whoring is a practice of selling pornographic content, while pretending to be […]


Revealing Hacker through Malware Analysis


Two days ago one of my friends contacted me and told me that his organization is receiving suspicious-looking emails. They think that the infection was conducted via “spear phishing” […]