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About the Author:

Mohammed Ghannam is a Network and system security researcher with 7 years of experience. He's the author of several published exploits. Mohammed focuses on modern UNIX-like systems and his security assessments, WINDOWS, firmware and embedded system reverse code engineering. During his free time, he enjoys exploring other fields, including linux kernel, OSDev, network protocols implementation and other low level areas.

A Guide to Debugging Android Binaries

In this paper, I’ll describe how to start reverse code engineering in Android devices. In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

Installation & configuration of Android Virtual Device.
How to build your debugging […]


Exploiting Linux Kernel Heap Corruptions (SLUB Allocator)


1. Introduction

In recent years, several researchers have studied Linux kernel security. The most common kernel privilege vulnerabilities can be divided into several categories: NULL pointer dereference, kernel space stack […]


An Introduction to Returned-Oriented Programming (Linux)


In 1988, the first buffer overflow was exploited to compromise many systems. After 20 years, applications are still vulnerable, despite the efforts made in hope to reduce their vulnerability.

In […]