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About the Author:

Mark A. Wireman is the Application Security National Practice Lead at OpenSky, working in the IT Risk Management & Security practice. For the last 12 years, Mark has worked in the Application Development space, primarily focusing on application security from a process and practice perspective within the DoD, Financial, and Health Care sectors.

Mark has presented at the CSO Breakfast Philadelphia Chapter and the Joint ISACA/OWASP conference, as well as published articles on application security best practices and participated on blogs and forums about application security. Prior to OpenSky, Mr. Wireman worked in Iraq with the DoD as a Technical Advisor to the Multi-National Corp on matters relating to secure coding in secure and non-secure systems, SharePoint, Business Intelligence, and other systems.

Mark is also an Associate Professor and teaches computer science and cyber security courses at University of Maryland University College and is currently working with the university to develop a first-of-its kind Application Security course.

Mark holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a MS in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Assurance.

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