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About the Author:

Kyriakos has a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Information Security. Deeply interested in the analysis and the reverse engineering of commercial/custom packers and software protections for the last 6 years, he was a speaker in Athcon 2011 and also the author of the Reversing Challenges for 2011 and 2012 for Athcon conference. Except from taking them apart, he also has a deep interest in studying anti-reversing tricks and creating his own custom tricks that go from simple debugger detection to custom obfuscation and other anti-analysis mechanisms for the sake of imagination and creativity. More recently, he has moved into the area of malware research/analysis at Sophos as a Thread Researcher. Kyriakos spends some of his free time developing his own reversing tools, as well as experimenting with C++ and Asm.

Reversing Malware Loaders – The Matsnu-A Case Part 2


In the last installment, we examined the PEB Loader Data Structure. We take up the discussion here.
Locate and Isolate the Embedded Decrypted Executable

Once the VAs of the necessary APIs […]


Reversing Malware Loaders – The Matsnu-A Case

The AV industry is growing every day along with the underground industry that produces all types of malware from simple file infectors to more sophisticated Trojan types that are […]


IObit Protected Folder Authentication Bypass


I would like to dedicate this article to all my friends, they know who they are, and to Irene, for her love and support.

From time to time I come […]