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Keatron, one of the two lead authors of "Chained Exploits: Advanced Hacking Attacks From Start to Finish", is a Senior Instructor and Training Services Director at InfoSec Institute. Keatron is regularly engaged in training and consulting for members of the United States intelligence community, military, and federal law enforcement agencies. Keatron specializes in penetration testing and digital forensics. In addition to training, Keatron serves as Senior Security Researcher and Principle of Blink Digital Security which performs penetration tests and forensics for government and corporations.

The Evolution of a Technical Information Security Professional

During my years of work as a consultant and trainer in the information security world, I’ve noticed a few patterns that usually exist in those who do very well […]

Incident Response and Computer Forensics on Rootkits

Lets pick up where we left off with the rootkit and post-exploitation video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izv1b-BTQFw). Except, we are now doing incident response.

First you’ll see some normal live forensics on the […]

Advanced Rootkit Exploit – Demonstrated

This is mainly post-expoitation demonstration, that first starts with a walk-through of exploiting a windows machine. Next, we walk through getting a copy of the web server’s home page […]

Flesh Tone Analysis – Intermediate Computer Forensics

This analysis comes in handy in computer forensics cases such as porn or child pornography investigations. This video shows how to search through hundreds of thousands of images on […]

SQL Injection – Another hacking how-to

We wanted to get up a brief demo of the ubiquitous SQL Injection. We use it here to get control of the OS. We’ll have a lot more angles […]

An introduction to Bash Scripting for automating some nmap recon

This is a brief intro to automating recon through bash scripting. This example uses nmap scans that we’re automating.  We teach this and much more in our penetration testing […]

Man In The Middle – Demystified

This is a complete demo of MitM

Information security at home.

There seems to be a large disconnect between what the average home user knows about security and what people are expected to know at work. One of the big […]

The Biggest Gap in Information Security is…?

As a person who’s committed to helping raise awareness in the security community as a whole, I’ve often found myself asking this question. While there are several issues […]

What is DLL Hijacking?


Computer Forensics: Alternate Data Streams

Alternate Data Streams are a way to store data on a machine that is not readily accessible to users. Using ADS, files are not easily accessible by Windows operating […]

Computer Forensics: Snort Logs Analysis

Sometimes the best evidence of a network intrusion resides in network or traffic logs. Snort is a well known open-source traffic analysis and network intrusion detection tool. However, using the […]

How to Learn the IT Skills of a Security Professional

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In the comments to an earlier article, Ideal Skill Set For the Penetration Testing, a reader, Nicole, asked, “Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should start building […]

iPhone Security: 10 Tips and Settings


The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market with an array of downloadable apps for users to do any number of things. Its popularity […]

iPhone Security: iPhone Forensics

In this video, we will review the wealth of forensic data stored on an iPhone 3Gs using Paraben’s Device Seizure software.

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile […]

Some common Infosec job roles and related certifications

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Most people hear the term Infosec, and they automatically associate that with network and telecom security, but in reality it’s much broader than that. IDS specialist, firewall specialist, […]

Advanced Tutorial: Man in the Middle Attack Using SSL Strip – Our Definitive Guide

We got a lot of great feedback from our first Man in the Middle Video so we decided to double-down and give you guys some really juicy MitM demos […]

iPhone App Exposes Pontentially Anyone’s Social Security Number.

There has been web sites around for a while that allows one to listen in on certain police, fire department, and other public service radio bands. Now this […]


Ideal Skill Set For the Penetration Testing

Based on questions I’ve gotten over the years and specifically in class, I’ve decided that we need to address some basic skills that every penetration tester should have. While […]

Video: Man-in-the-Middle – how it works

This is a step-by-step video of the man-in-the-middle attack. We teach this and much more in our ethical hacking course. We’ll also teach you how to defend against such […]