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Joseph Rex is an Infosec Institute researcher, a software/web developer, and a lover of technologies. He blogs part-time on josephrex.me and his twitter handle is @joerex101.

Steganalysis: Your X-Ray Vision through Hidden Data

Steganography is often mistaken with cryptography, but they are very different in their operations. The major similarity between them is they were coined from Greek words.

steganos – covered

cryptos – […]


Stress Testing Your Wireless Network

In order to overcome physical limitations of wired connections, a lot of us prefer wireless connections. It reminds me of when I had my Sony PlayStation 1, and then […]


Forensic Artifact: Malware Analysis in Windows 8

Windows is the most used operating system worldwide. I have met a lot of IT guys in my country and also other computer elites. My discovery was that 90 […]