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About the Author:

John G. Laskey is a US-based security consultant (http://url.ie/h0h2 ) who has worked in the British government equivalents of DoJ and FEMA. He was responsible for the security risk management of a number of systems developed to increase government and public security. Recently, He has advised senior UK government managers on the health of major projects and programs and helped develop a new certification scheme for consultants seeking British government contracts. John is a member of ISSA (Connecticut Chapter) and BCS – the Chartered Institute for IT.

Encryption – Anything to Declare?

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Security Awareness

Security Awareness – Judge the Impact to Justify the Effort

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Mobile working – prepare for the worst, deal with the fallout

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Risk Tolerance: Good to have – Hard to do

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BYOD – A Prequel

History, wrote Norman Cousins, is a vast early warning system. When faced with a security difficulty, it can help us to reach back and to remember how impossible it […]