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About the Author:

Jesse Valentin is a security professional with over 12 years experience in Information Security. During this time he has worked for various financial firms and security consulting companies where he has specialized in areas of Enterprise Risk Assessments, Compliance Readiness, IT General Controls Audits, and development of Incident Response plans, Corporate Information Security Programs, Security Awareness Training and Secure Application Architecture.

How to Plan a Social Engineering Assessment


A social engineering assessment is a very valuable tool in understanding the security exposure of most organizations. Since human beings tend to be the weakest link in any security […]


“Working from Home” – The next insider threat?

Even with all the technical advances of current human society, there are unfortunately certain areas where we have not progressed as a people but instead –REGRESSED. The proliferation of […]


Building an Incident Response Team and IR Process

In our world today, we have an abundance of many things, among which are -unexpected events. Falling meteorites, terrorist attacks, hacktivist demonstrations, blackouts, tsunamis…. well, you get the point.Now, […]


Anatomy of a Risk Assessment

To an organization that is serious about security and wants to identify the most efficient way to invest in security solutions, a risk assessment is absolutely necessary. This is […]


Protecting yourself from Social Engineering Attacks

Due to technical advances in today’s society, traditional boundaries, borders and personal privacy have been redefined. This has resulted in a new freedom of expression for many people throughout […]