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Jay Turla is a security consultant. He is interested in Linux, OpenVMS, penetration testing, tools development and vulnerability assessment. He is one of the goons of ROOTCON (Philippine Hackers Conference). You can follow his tweets @shipcod3.

Handy Devices Revolution: Handy Pentesting & Hacking Part 1

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled ‘Transforming your Android Phone into a Network Pentesting Device’ which is obviously about turning your Android phone into a very […]

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Transforming your Android Phone into a Network Pentesting Device

Lester: Hey Nash, are you scanning our school’s network with just your smartphone?

Nash: Well, yes I am! I’m using a network penetration suite just to check out if the […]


Free & Open Source Rootkit and Malware Detection Tools

A lot of sniffers, rootkits, botnets, backdoor shells and malwares are still on the wild today, which are used by malicious attackers after successfully pawning a certain server or […]


Interview: Raffael Marty

For today’s hot seat we have Mr. Raffael Marty but before starting up with the interview questions, I would like to thank him who agreed to be interviewed. It […]


Surviving a Hacker Conference and an Infosec Gathering 101

A few days ago, I attended (and maybe trolled) a hacker conference called ROOTCON in Cebu City, Philippines at Cebu Parklane Hotel. To be honest, this is my second […]


Noobz Guide for Setting Up a Vulnerable Lab for Pentesting

Most of the people I know who are new to penetration testing want to hone and enhance their skills, but they have problems like:

They don’t have a target that […]


Using Log4Trail

A few weeks ago, I happened to read an article from pir8geek.com (a blog about Linux goodies and tips) about a new tool which is very useful to system […]


New Linux Distro for Mobile Security, Malware Analysis, and Forensics


Yes, you read the title right and I hope I just grabbed your attention! A new GNU/Linux distribution or distro designed for helping you in every aspect of your […]


Make Way for the Sizzling ROOTCON 6 – Hacker Conference

Information security and hacking conferences or gatherings are awesome events where you can hang out with cool people, a good environment where you can listen to topics related to […]


Simple Router Pawning Techniques – Getting the Administrative Privileges

 Securing the Access Point (AP) of your router’s web page and the Telnet or SSH access should be considered as part of the overall security strategy not only in […]


Interview with Joshua Arvin Lat

Interview with Joshua Arvin Lat: the Kaspersky International Cup 2012 and Kaspersky Asia Pacific & MEA Cup 2012 winner

For today’s hot seat we have Joshua Arvin Lat and his […]


Analysis on pBot – a PHP IRC Bot that has Malicious Functions

For IRC enthusiasts like me, it’s just common to encounter IRC bots in underground channels that have integrated functions like port scanning, nmap, SQL Injection Scanners, Remote File Inclusion […]


Command Execution

Command injection or also known as Remote Code Execution in terms of web exploitation, can be possible to a certain website accepts added strings of characters or arguments; the […]


Checking Out Backdoor Shells

A backdoor shell can be a PHP, ASP, JSP, etc. piece of code which can be uploaded on a site to gain or retain access and some privileges on […]


Understanding the Origins of the China – Philippine Cyber War

For many years, there has been a territorial dispute between China and Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal (Philippine Term: Panatag Shoal) or Huangyan Island (Chinese Term) and the Spratlys […]