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MetaData and Information Security


Information security and penetration testing is not limited to find the vulnerabilities on the website and network; it is an interesting profession that covers every aspect to secure information. […]


Social Media & Security Risk

Social media is the two way communication in Web 2.0 and it means to communicate / share / interact with an individual or with a large audience. Social media […]


Nmap Evade Firewall & Scripting

Nmap is the most powerful scanner that is used to perform so many functions including port scanning, service detection, and even vulnerability detection. Nmap from beginner to advanced has […]


Nmap from Beginner to Advanced

Network Mapped (Nmap) is a network scanning and host detection tool that is very useful during several steps of penetration testing. Nmap is not limited to merely gathering information […]


Joomla Security and Vulnerability Scanning

Thanks to recent advances in content management systems (CMS) and content management frameworks (CMF), blogs and websites have become the perfect platform for publishing online content that can be […]


Man in the Browser Attack vs. Two Factor Authentication

Authentication or E-authentication (Electronic authentication) is the way, technique, and method to establish a connection between two entities. This connection is based on confidence and confirmation that both parties […]


Iframe & the Security Risk


Web application security is always an important topic to discuss because websites seem to be the first target of malicious hackers. Hackers use websites to spread their malwares and […]