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About the Author:

Jethro Inwald is a researcher for the InfoSec Institute and full-time college student in the state of New York. While in high school, Jethro interned as an IT consultant at a Fortune 500 company. His interests include (but are not limited to) wireless and physical access attacks on security systems as well as surveillance and counter surveillance tools and techniques.

OSINT and pre-game show for a on-site WLAN Penetration Test


Wireless Penetration Testing in my opinion is one of the most fun parts of Ethical Hacking. It incorporates application exploits once you are on the WLAN/LAN, web application hacking […]


The THC SSL DoS Threat

    Ever since computers became ubiquitous and affordable they have attracted malicious users as well as those who use computers for altruistic purposes. These malicious users– sometimes called “black hats” […]