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About the Author:

Hussam T. Khrais is a technical support engineer for a leading IT company in Jordan. He is predominantly focused on Network and Wireless Security. Beyond this, he’s interested in Python scripting and penetration testing. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/hussam-khrais/48/163/158

Intelligence Information Gathering: Collecting Twitter Followers with 25 lines of Python

Many corporations are not aware of the types of data that can be found and used by attackers in the wild. The information that you will be able to […]


Shellshock [CVE-2014-6271]: Another Attack Vector – Bluffing IPS/IDS Sensors With Python Crafted Pkts

While a lot of online websites and blogs are explaining the vulnerability damage, providing PoC scripts and repetitive information, here we will look into another angle of this vulnerability!

Without […]


Case Study: Cracking Online Banking CAPTCHA Login Using Python


CAPTCHA has been implemented for decades to prevent automated scripts (Bots) from jamming registration or login pages. Even though tons of tools and research have exposed its weakness with […]


Phishing WhatsApp Images via USB, From Python With Love


How many times did your work colleague or a friend of yours find a USB cable from your PC/Laptop and attach his Android phone to recharge its battery? Have […]

Creating an Undetectable Custom SSH Backdoor in Python [A – Z]


During penetration testing, sometimes you get stuck with a secure environment where all the servers and end-clients are fully patched, updated, firewalled, and have anti-virus software installed. Network firewall […]