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About the Author:

Hari Krishnan works as a security and bug researcher for a private firm, as well as InfoSec Institute. His interests largely encompass web application security issues. Hari is also an organizer for Defcon Chennai (http://www.defcontn.com).

IronWASP Part 1

IronWASP stands for Iron Web application Advanced Security testing Platform, and was developed by Mr.Lavakumar Kuppan. It is an open source system and is mainly used for testing web application […]


Improving Mobile Security with Santoku

Mobile security has been gaining popularity in recent times. Many mobile-based attacks are being discovered as the mobile industry grows more complex and new technology is implemented. Recently the […]


JBOSS Exploitation

JBoss Application Server is an open-source Java EE-based application server. JBoss is widely used and is deployed by many organizations on their web servers. There are various vulnerabilities and bugs have […]


Wi-Fi Hacking

This tutorial focuses on how to crack Wi-Fi networks that are insecurely Wi-Fi. I am using an External Wi-Fi card (AWUSO36H 802.11 b/g 5db), which is quite popular among […]

DCF 1.0

WebDAV Application DLL Hijacking Exploitation

In this article, I will explain WebDAV application DLL hijacking exploitation using our all time favorite, Metasploit. Here we will cover the module which has a directory of file […]


Vulnerability Scanners


Security of a website is very crucial thing for any organization or for personal websites. It’s always advised to check the security of the website because it’s better and […]


Defending yourself from Google hackers


Before looking how we can prevent ourselves from Google hackers, let’s see what Google hacking is.

Google Hacking:

Google hacking is a hacking technique that uses Google Search and other Google […]


Hacking AutoUpdate by Injecting Fake Updates

Works against Java, AppleUpdate, Google Analytics, Skype, Blackberry and more


We all know that hackers are constantly trying to steal private information by getting into the victim’s system, either by […]

Armitage –Fast and Easy Hacking

Armitage is a GUI for Metasploit which makes penetration testing easier. It was developed by Raphael Mudge. This tool helps to reduce the time and also gives a good […]

Information Gathering Using Maltego

The first phase in security assessment is to focus on collecting as much information as possible about a target application.
According to OWASP, information gathering is a necessary step […]

Web Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment and Exploitation using Backtrack5

Web application analysis plays a major role while doing a vulnerability assessment/penetration test. Proper information about the web application (for example like type of plugins used; CMS type […]

VLAN Hacking


In Virtual LAN or VLAN is a group of hosts communicate with each other, even thoughthey are in different physical location. Virtual LAN provides location independence to the users, […]

Social Engineering Toolkits

Social engineering is commonly understood to mean the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information –Wikipedia

Pen testers can break into an employee’s security or get […]