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About the Author:

GADI007 is an Information Security Professional with experience in network and Web application penetration testing. He is currently a security researcher at Infosec Institute and works for a leading IT company.

Socialize & Email After Death

Social networking has become an integral part of our lives. Through social networking, we are connected to friends and family; sharing photos, gossiping, tagging photos, sharing ideas, and meeting […]

Search Engine Hacking

Search Engine Hacking – Manual and Automation


We are all aware of Google/Yahoo/Bing Search engines; they need no introduction. We use them every now and then to solve our day-to-day queries.

Google and other search engines use […]


Hacking Java Applications using JavaSnoop


We are all aware of tools like Burp, Paros, WebInspect, etc… for intercepting web-based traffic and also for automating the security testing process. However, the same is not true […]


Application Security Testing of Thick Client Applications

In this article, we will learn about thick client applications, their vulnerabilities and ways to carry out security assessment of these applications.

What are thick client applications?

A thick client, also […]


Android Architecture and Pen-testing of Android applications


Android, as we are all aware, is a Linux-based operating system which was initially developed by Android Inc. and was later purchased by Google. It was designed for touch […]