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About the Author:

Frank Siemons is an Australian security researcher at InfoSec Institute. His trackrecord consists of many years of Systems and Security administration, both in Europe and in Australia. Currently he holds many certifications such as CISSP and has a Master degree in InfoSys Security at Charles Sturt University. He has a true passion for anything related to pentesting and vulnerability assessment and can be found on au.linkedin.com/in/franksiemons.

2015: When Things Get Serious

Let’s start looking at the future of the IT Security landscape by reviewing the past. I made some predictions last year for InfoSec Institute. The article started off with […]


2014 – The year of changes

The year 2014 will be a year of continued change in the ICT security world. It will be a year in which some very fundamental, unfinished business that originated […]


Attacking MS SQL Server to Gain System Access


All systems and database administrators will agree that password complexity does not go very far when it comes to SQL servers. Whether this is done to keep troubleshooting simple […]


Backup Media Encryption

The problem

Information Security is like a chain: it is only as strong as its weakest link. You can protect your network with expensive firewalls, use auditing within your systems […]


Password Auditing on Active Directory Databases

In this article we explore the options to acquire information from an online or offline Microsoft Active Directory database and its encryption keys. We will use this to recover […]


Security for Small and Medium Enterprises, Part 1

Those trained and experienced in the Information Security area know all about IDS systems, biometric security, Disaster Recovery systems, and all the other expensive technologies available to large enterprises […]


Using Google Trends to Analyse the Popularity of IT Security Certifications

If you are someone who likes to think ahead, Google Trends is currently pretty much as close as you can get to predicting the future.

By using this online tool, […]