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Emanuele De Lucia is an ICT Security Engineer currently employed in the Security Operation Center of one of the largest Italian telecom operators. An independent security researcher, he holds a degree in Applied Computer Science and an Executive Master of Science in Information Security and Forensics Investigations. He’s also earned through the years several internationally recognized professional certifications including: MCSE + Security, E|CSA / L|PT, CIFI, CREA, CompTIA Security Plus, CCNA. Specializing in reverse engineering and code security, Emanuele studies and analyzes malware for pure passion as well as for professional reasons.

Steganography and Steganalysis: Common Image Formats and LSB Part 2


One of the most common image formats is JPEG. It surely deserves a particular discussion, and, in addition, it’s very frequently used as Cover Media, in association usually with […]


Steganography and Steganalysis: Common Image Formats and LSB

Part 1: Introduction

The information revolution, which resulted in the Internet and in modern communication technologies, has pushed our society more and more toward the use and management of information […]


IPv6 Security Overview: a Small View of the Future


The current version of Internet Protocol is IPv4. This is used to send data over the Internet and makes interaction between different services possible. As all experts know, this […]


Anti-Forensics 2

For part one, click here
1. – Analysis Prevention and Memory Resident Execution

The second part of this document examines those that are the most advanced techniques regarding to the anti-forensics. […]


Anti-Forensics – Part 1

Executive Summary

This document is a general summary on the most widely used techniques currently to hide or to make unrecoverable digital tracks of a crime in magnetic media. The […]


Hunting for “Red October”: Cyber-Espionage Toolkit Exploded – Part 2

Executive Summary

In the first part of this article, it was possible to see the instructions executed by the droppers of Red October. Such instructions are executed after the exploitation […]


Hunting for “Red October”: Cyber-Espionage Toolkit Exploded


“Red October” appears to be a cyber-espionage toolkit discovered quite recently by Kaspkersky’s laboratories. The viral code seems to have targeted government agencies and institutions based in Europe, ex-USSR […]


Have You Ever Seen the Red Spike? (D)DoS: Mitigation Strategies

Executive Summary

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is a cyber-attack in which an attacker tries to bring the functioning of a computer system that provides a service, such as […]


BatchWiper Analysis

BatchWiper is a very simplistic computer virus, but potentially very dangerous for the availability of the data contained within logical partitions managed by an infected system. It was discovered […]


Stabuniq In Depth

Trojan.Stabuniq was discovered very recently by Symantec.

This type of malware appears to be targeting financial institutions (especially U.S. banks).

Stabuniq is fundamentally an information-stealing Trojan and has already been found […]