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About the Author:

Dan Morrill is an instructor of Information Security at Highline Community College and an independent researcher (cloud security, Web 2.0 security, and API's) at InfoSec Institute. He's also COO at Dead Tree Comics and Comics Forge, an interactive media company focusing on comic books, graphic novels, and regular books developing a cloud based delivery solution for interactive media on Apple, Microsoft and Google devices.

Google Hacking: Amazon’s CloudFront

Google hacking is a time honored tradition that goes back many years. There are specific Google searches that will allow users to directly download documents that the company might […]

Firefox Forensics and SQLite Tables for Computer Forensics Analysis

I was showing off a trick to export Firefox SQLite tables to a spread sheet, and while she is a forensics person, she had never ever heard of this […]

Security in Public API’s – How

Far too often we will download an API (Application Programming Interface) from Programmable Web, or download an SDK like the Facebook SDK and not worry about any of the […]

Understanding the implications of Facebook Connect and OAuth

Over the last month there has been a minor if interesting discussion about the use of Facebook Connect and the idea that it does not delete cookies when you […]